Check Out Washington

Yakima Valley Libraries is a proud participant in Check Out Washington, a program offered by Washington State Parks, in partnership with the Washington State Library.

Yakima Valley Libraries patrons can borrow a Check Out Washington kit from any library location — kits include a limited-edition Discover Pass, which allows you to access millions of acres of state parks and other state public lands for free.


  • Kits can be borrowed for up to seven (7) days.
  • During ongoing building closures, please follow the steps for scheduling a Contact-Free Holds Pick Up appointment once the kit is ready at your preferred library. (For more info about the pick up process, please visit:
  • All items included with the kit must be returned clean, and in good condition. Replacement fees will be assessed for damaged or lost items. (See FAQs, below, for more information).

CLICK HERE to request a Check Out Washington kit via the online catalog. Or call your preferred community library for assistance.


Each Check Out Washington kit comes with a backpack; one pair of binoculars; regional bird, tree, and flower identification guides; and a free, limited-edition Discover Pass, which allows you to access millions of acres of state parks and other state public lands.


The Discover Pass is only valid at lands managed by Washington State Parks, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Department of Natural Resources.

It is NOT valid at federal lands or at county or municipal parks. For a list of places where the pass may be used, please visit



Please do not write on the Discover Pass. Unlike other State Park passes, the library-issued Discover Pass does not require writing a license plate number on the pass.

The pass is only valid for one vehicle per visit.

For passenger vehicles:

  • The pass must be visible in the front windshield of a motor vehicle licensed for street use. For maximum visibility, hang the pass from the rearview mirror with the Check Out Washington logo and expiration date facing the windshield.
  • For passenger vehicles without a windshield, the pass must be displayed in a prominent location on the vehicle.

For motorcycles:

  • On lands managed by DNR and WDFW, motorcycle riders may carry the pass with them.
  • At state parks, use the fee envelope at the self-pay station and write the Discover Pass serial number on the envelope tab. Leave the tab on the motorcycle and place the fee envelope in the self-pay station box.

The Discover Pass is a motor vehicle permit only. 

Motor vehicles used to transport recreation equipment, such as vehicles pulling horse or boat trailers, must display the pass.

However, the trailers being towed that are carrying the equipment do not need a Discover Pass. Boaters will still need to pay for such services as moorage and waste-pumping.


The penalty for not having a Discover Pass is $99. The fine may be reduced to $59 if an individual provides proof of purchase of an annual Discover Pass to the court within 15 days after the notice of violation is written.

The above fees and penalties are assessed solely by Washington State Parks; please review their website for more information: OR call 1-866-320-9933.

How long can I borrow the Check Out Washington kit?

Kits may be borrowed for seven (7) days. If you would like to keep the kit longer, please contact your preferred community library as soon as possible before the due date to request a renewal (i.e., an additional 7-day borrowing period). Remember – renewals are not guaranteed.

What if I lose or damage the Discover Pass or one of the items in the backpack?

Just like with traditional library materials, lost or damaged items from the Check Out Washington kit will be charged to your library account.

Individual items that are lost or damaged will be charged separately. If the entire kit is lost or damaged, a replacement cost of $113.40 will be charged to your account.

Please contact your preferred community library with questions about fees.

Where can I find more information about the Discover Pass and where it can be used?