Online Reader Services

    Check out our new online services from SelectReads to help you find your next favorite book.  Discover books that match your interest, get alerts for new books added to the library’s collection, view or receive genre booklists and  find new authors to love. With our new online suite of services from SelectReads you’ll never be without your next great read.

    Author Check

    Author Check is a new way to connect and track your favorite authors. Receive email alerts when the library receives a new book by authors you’ve selected. Author Check includes a full database of authors and their books, that the library owns, including author profiles. · In real-time see new materials being added to our library’s collection from your favorite authors. · Author Check is a way to search for your favorite authors by genre. If you love to read mysteries, find other mystery authors that the library owns.

    New Book Alerts

    Be the first to know what brand new titles have arrived in the library. Sign up for New Book Alerts and you’ll receive a weekly update on our new books, movies, DVDS, music, and more. View our new weekly updates on your computer, or in an email newsletter delivered to your mobile device. Your personal New Book Alerts includes book jackets, author information, book descriptions, and a link to our library’s catalog, so it’s easy to reserve a book.

    Novelist Plus

    Looking for something good to read? Find a new favorite author. Contains fiction and non-fiction books for all ages as well as special features for book discussion groups and educators.

    Novelist Plus K-8

    NoveList K-8 Plus is a comprehensive reading resource for fiction and nonfiction. With its fun and intuitive interface, and extensive proprietary content, NoveList K-8 Plus will help you integrate reading across the curriculum and support your young readers.

    Online Book Club

    Sign up for the Library’s Online Book Clubs and start receiving chapters from popular books in your daily email. Every day, Monday through Friday, we’ll send you a portion of a book that takes only five minutes to read. Each Monday we begin a new book and by Friday you will have the chance to read 2 or 3 chapters, enough to know if it’s a book you want to finish. You can read a wide variety of books including fiction, nonfiction, romance, business, teen and mystery books. Just give us your email address and five minutes a day, and we’ll give you an exciting world of reading.


    Need help finding your next favorite book? Discover books that match your interest with our new online service SelectReads. Find book lists and recommendations based on what you like.