Search the Library Catalog

    Keyword Search

    A catalog keyword search looks for text that matches the term you type in. You can limit the search by selecting Title, Author, Subject, etc.

    To do a keyword search:

    1. Click on Search
    2. Click on Keyword
    3. Type in the word or words that pertain to your search
    4. Any Field is the default
    5. Click on the down arrow next to Search by: to choose another option, such as Title
    6. Click on Go! or press Enter to view results
    7. Click on Next 10 Titles to view more results, if necessary
    8. QUICK TIP: On the dashboard to the left is a section called “Related Searches.” Use these links to find more information on your topic.

    To see if an Item is available:

    1. Click on Availability under the title information to see which community library holds the book and whether or not it is available.
    2. If an item at your community library says “Check Shelf”, use the Call Number to find the item.
    3. If no copies say “Check Shelf” for your community library, you may Place a Request for that title. We will ship it to the Pickup library of your choice when a copy becomes available.

    For More Details About an Item

    1. Click on Detailed Information
    2. Click Enrich Data to view any available reviews, summaries or full table of contents.

    Browse Search

    A Browse Search looks for the word(s) you typed in and brings up a list of results that begin with similar word(s).

    1. Title is the default,
    2. You can also search by Author, Subject, Series, or Call Number.
    3. Use this method as you would a Keyword search.

    Narrowing your search

    1. If your search yields too many results, you may want to narrow your search.
    2. Please contact a librarian for instruction in other advanced search options.

    If your search yields no results

    Use the Suggest a Title link to submit the title for purchase or interlibrary loan from another library outside of our system.