About Us

Mission Statement

“Yakima Valley Libraries supports lifelong learning and an informed citizenry by providing free, open, and full access to a vast array of ideas and information.”

Located in the beautiful, agricultural Yakima County in south central Washington State, Yakima Valley Libraries serves the entire county with the exception of the City of Grandview. With 4,296 square miles, Yakima County is the second largest in the state. Yakima Valley Libraries is a junior taxing district that is primarily supported through local property taxes and provides quality library services to the general public.

The rural county library district was formed in 1945 and is now comprised of a central library and 16 community libraries located throughout Yakima County. All towns or cities, with the exception of the City of Grandview, are either annexed to or contracted with Yakima Valley Libraries for library services. Annexed cities include Harrah, Moxee, Selah, Yakima (Yakima Central, Southeast, and West Valley), Sunnyside, Toppenish, Wapato, Union  Gap, and Zillah. Contracting cities include Mabton, Granger, Tieton, and Naches. Rural county locations include Buena, Terrace Heights, and White Swan. Yakima Valley Libraries currently serves over 245,000 people in Yakima County.

In 2019 the library district was open a total of 36,011 hours and served 618,751 combined visitors. We circulated over 1,005,350 items and hosted 108,383 computer appointments using the 154 Internet computers available to the public.

Library services in the Yakima Valley began in 1889. Citizens in one small community hoped to enrich their lives by providing a public reading room. In time, that same hope spread throughout the valley. Growing towns that established schools and libraries boasted of the culture and education they could offer new settlers and investors. Those early libraries were the seeds that became Yakima Valley Libraries.