Donate Used Books?

    Donating Your Books to the Library

    Yakima Valley Libraries is not accepting donations until further notice.

    Thank you for your interest in donating previously enjoyed books and/or materials to Yakima Valley Libraries!

    We accept donated materials at any of our 18 library locations.

    If possible, please call your local library before bringing in a donation to ensure that staff and space are available to accept your materials.

    It is most helpful if books are donated in boxes. Unfortunately, we are unable to pick up boxes from a residence or carry boxes into the library from vehicles. We are also unable to accept magazines or textbooks.

    Materials that are damaged, stained, mildewed, have an odor, or contain writing/highlighting cannot be used by the Library and cannot be accepted.

    Donations accepted for addition to the YVL collection become the property of the Library, will be placed in the most appropriate library location and will be available to all residents of the YVL service area.

    Materials not accepted into the Library’s collection may be offered to the Library’s non-profit support groups for their use in fundraising for Yakima Valley Libraries.

    Donated materials will be evaluated carefully by professional library staff for possible acceptance into the library’s collection, based on the following criteria:

    • Format of the materials (i.e., paperbacks, hardcovers, VHR, cassette tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc.)
    • Condition, content and relevance of information materials such as reference books, travel guides, medical information, periodicals, etc. 
    • Whether or not the items are redundant of existing or anticipated library materials
    • Whether or not the materials are rare and/or historically significant to the region

    Library staff do not assess the value of donated materials for tax purposes, however we will be glad to give you a receipt which will also serve as the acknowledgement of your gift.

    If you would like a receipt, please request one when dropping off your donation and provide staff with the number of items you are donating. Library staff are not able to count donated items.

    For more information, please see our Gifts and Donations Modified Policy.