Make a Payment

    For more information on fines and fees, visit our Fines and Fees page.

    How do I pay fines and/or fees:

    • Online:
      • With your Visa, MasterCard, Discover Debit or Credit Card, you can pay for fines and fees online.  From wherever you are, just go to our website ( and under “How Do I?’ Make a Payment, click here.
    • In a community library:
      • Feel free to use one of our public computers or self-checks to log in and make a payment. Staff can take either cash or check at the service desk.

    How do I use my credit card payments to pay for copies or Book Sale items?

    • YVL staff will add a charge to your account that can be paid as any other fine and/or fee. The charges on your account will follow existing YVL policy and procedures regarding fines and fees.

    How do I make a donation?

    • Click here and select the “Make a Donation” button. You do not have to be a YVL patron to donate.

    Except for donations, you need your library card number and your YVL password to make payments on your account. If you don’t have a YVL password, check with your community library.