Using the Catalog

    To access the catalog, click here. You can also find the catalog by clicking “search the catalog” on our homepage or by using the search bar.

    Type in an author, a title, a genre, format, or any other keyword to start your search. You can also use a combination of keywords. For example, “western dvd” will bring up a list of Western DVDs.

    You can also start with one of our pre-constructed searches. Go to Search > Keyword. You will see a list of search options on the left.

    Tips and Tricks

    Narrow your search imageNarrow Your Search

    Start by searching, then use the filters on the left (or the “narrow” button on mobile) to limit your search to exactly what you want.

    • Available Now – Anything that is “Check Shelf” at your library location is ready to be checked out today.
    • Assigned Branch – Use this to show only the items located at your preferred library location.
    • Type of Material – Choose whether you’re looking for a book, a DVD, an audiobook, or something else.
    • Target Audience – Choose what age group you want your results to include.

    Saved Searches

    You have the option of saving your searches and having them run automatically, sending you an email of new items in your search. For example, you can set a search for authors that you like and be emailed when the authors have new books out. For instructions on how to set up saved searches, click here.

    Find It Button ImageOnce you find what you’re looking for, use the “Find It” button to see which libraries have the item. “Check Shelf” means it’s available at that library. The call number will show where to find it in the building.

    You can also use the “Place Request” option to have your item shipped to your local library. To use this feature, you will need to be logged in. If you don’t remember your password/pin, you can reset it by clicking here. For more information about placing holds, click here.

    You have the ability to save a reading history, which is a list of items you have checked out since the reading history began. The library limits the length of the history to 1000 titles or 3 years.

    You can log in, access your patron account, and start the reading history through the Change Preferences link. If you have an active reading history, you can stop the history and clear it from your patron account and the system in the same way. You can start a new reading history at any time. For instructions on setting up your reading history, click here.

    Download Libby on a smartphone or tablet. Instead of searching the catalog, you will use the app to find your books. You can also browse Libby from a computer.

    Find some tools on our reader’s resources page. Among other helpful links, you can find our Personalized Picks service where we select some items for you based on your preferences and hold them at your preferred library.

    Use our Suggest a Title form to let us know what you need and we’ll either buy a copy or request it from another library system in the state or country. For more information about inter-library loan services, click here.

    Pop-up blockers and ad-blockers can interfere with some catalog functions. If you are experiencing issues with pages not loading while using the catalog, try disabling any blockers and see if that resolves the issue. If you are still experiencing issues, feel free to contact us.