Digital Pass FAQs

    The Digital Pass is an electronic library card that allows patrons to access digital content, such as streaming video, e-books, digital magazines, and e-audiobooks; it also allows patrons to place holds on up to two library items. 

    A Digital Pass is valid for up to sixty (60) days, after which you must visit one of our 17 library locations to update the Digital Pass to a full-access library card.

    Please review the FAQ’s below, then click here to apply for a Digital Pass.

    You’ll immediately receive your Digital Pass number, and can begin using our electronic and digital resources right away!

    I already have a library card. Do I need a Digital Pass?

    If you already have a physical library card, you do not need a Digital Pass. You can use your library card number and password/PIN to access all of our digital materials and e-resources.

    If you already have a physical library card but lost or forgot your password/PIN, please click here to reset it.

    Who is eligible for a Digital Pass?

    As with our full-access library cards, the Digital Pass is only available to Yakima County residents, excluding residents of the City of Grandview. 

    You are also eligible for a Digital Pass if you own property in unincorporated Yakima County or a city or town annexed to Yakima Valley Libraries, or if you live on a military base or tribal land within unincorporated Yakima County.

    Does the Digital Pass expire? 

    The Digital Pass is valid for 60 days. In order to continue using the Digital Pass after that, you must visit one of our 17 library locations to obtain a full access library card.

    What if I lose or forget my Digital Pass number?

    If you lost or forgot your Digital Pass number, please contact us as soon as possible.

    How is a Digital Pass different from a library card?

    A YVL library card is the physical, full-access card offered to all patrons who visit the library with identification and proof of address. Unlike the Digital Pass, patrons may use a full-access library card to reserve and use public computer stations, borrow physical library materials, and place up to twenty-five (25) holds on library items.

    How Do I Get a Full-Access Library Card?

    To learn more about getting a full-access library card, please click here.