Digital Pass FAQs

    1. What is a Digital Pass? The Digital Pass is an electronically produced and distributed temporary library card/pass that offers significant but limited access to our resources. With a Digital Pass the patron may access electronic resources and digital content and placing holds on two library materials. The Digital Pass is not available to check out library materials or access/reserve the library’s Internet work stations and is valid for up to sixty (60) days. A full-access Library Card is needed for these services as well as to pick up holds.

    2. Who needs a Digital Pass? If you already have an Library Card, you do not need a Digital Pass. Your card number is recognized for our electronic resources anytime. If you do not have a card and would like to use our electronic resources and digital resources before your next visit to the library, you may register for a Digital Pass. You are eligible for a free Digital Pass if you live or own property in unincorporated Yakima County or a city or town annexed to Yakima Valley Libraries–– or you live on a military base or tribal land within unincorporated Yakima County. The city of Grandview has its own public library; Grandview residents may purchase a Yakima Valley Libraries card at the nonresident rate. The Digital Pass is valid for up to sixty (60) days. To keep enjoying the wonderful Yakima Valley Libraries resources please, apply for a full-access Library Card.

    3. I do not live in the Yakima County; may I still apply for a Digital PassAt this time, the online Digital Pass application is only available to Yakima County residents –except for those living in the City of Grandview. Anyone may apply for a full-access Library Card by visiting one of our community libraries with identification and proof of address.

    4. How do I get a Digital Pass? Complete the Library’s Digital Pass application and you will immediately receive your Digital Pass number. You will then be ready to use our electronic and digital resources.

    5. Will the Digital Pass expire? The Digital Pass will be valid for 60 days –You are encouraged to visit any of the seventeen (17) Yakima Valley Libraries locations to obtain a full access Library Card prior to the expiration date of your Digital Pass.

    6. What if I forget my Digital Pass number? If your Digital Pass number has been forgotten, please tell us as soon as possible. After reporting the loss to the library, you may get a full-access Library Card. To get a full-access Library Card, please come into any Yakima Valley Libraries location and present address verification and photo identification.

    7. What is a Library Card and how do I get one? Library Card is the full-access card offered to all patrons who visit the library with identification and proof of address. It is necessary for Digital Pass holders to register and receive a Library Card in order to check out materials, or to reserve or use the Internet PCs located in our library buildings. To get a full-access Library Card, please come into any Yakima Valley Libraries location and present address verification and photo identification. To know more about the requirements for identification please click here. Non-Resident Cards are available for $95.00 to users who live outside of our service area.  Apply for your Digital Pass now!