Computer Access

    Using a Library Computer

    When an user signs onto a public computer with their library card number and password, they must “accept” the Yakima Valley Libraries Internet Use Agreement indicating they have read this Internet Policy and agree to abide by it and any future version of the Policy as a condition of using the Library’s Internet access.  When logging onto the library computer, a minor’s card will allow either less filtered or more filtered access according to what was chosen by the parent/guardian.

    Scheduling a Computer Session

    You can schedule a computer for a maximum of 60 minutes per day at Yakima Valley Libraries locations. Computer sessions can be scheduled from a computer within the library or through the library’s web site with your library card number and password/pin. Guest passes are available for those that qualify.

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    Wireless Internet

    We offer wireless Internet access to library customers at select community libraries. View more information about wireless internet service