Strategic Plan 2024-2028

    Yakima Valley Libraries: together we empower, inspire, and connect.
    We envision a Yakima Valley that embraces and empowers everyone.
    Empowered Access. We uphold every person’s right to pursue the information and ideas that they choose. We empower everyone to access knowledge and succeed at goals of all kinds without bias or judgement.
    Learning and Creativity. The library is a place for people to learn, explore, and be creative. We help people imagine and achieve their dreams.
    Community. We are a hub for the whole community, bringing people together throughout their lives. We help people connect with resources and each other. We work collaboratively with the community.
    Welcoming. You belong and should feel safe at the library. We celebrate the diversity of our community and strive to make sure all people feel included.
    Respect. Our staff, patrons, and communities treat each other with respect.

    We will provide programs, services, and resources that give people the tools they need to achieve their goals.
    • Outcome 1: Everyone can access information and resources to support lifelong learning.
    • Outcome 2: Youth consistently engage in fun and enriching learning opportunities outside of school.
    • Outcome 3: People of all ages have the digital skills and access they need to succeed.
    We will foster spaces, programs, and services that invite people in, where they feel safe and welcome to explore their imagination and pursue their dreams.
    • Outcome 1: People feel safe and welcome in the library spaces to learn, play, and interact.
    • Outcome 2: People of all ages cultivate a love of reading.
    We will bring the community together to foster a sense of belonging and place.
    • Outcome 1: Communities come together through shared experiences that foster deep understanding and connection.
    • Outcome 2: Collaborations between the library and community organizations increase all partners’ ability to reach more people and use resources effectively. 
    • Outcome 3: People connect with the library from where they are.