Get a Library Account

    Yakima Valley Libraries offers free library cards to anyone who lives or owns property within Yakima County with the exception of the City of Grandview (which has its own city library).

    Non-county residents, as well as City of Grandview residents, may purchase a YVL Library Card at the non-resident rate (see below for more information).

    Your Library Card is free!

    • Contact your preferred Yakima Valley Libraries pick up location by phone.
    • Staff will ask you questions over the phone to set up your account and work with you to place holds on library materials.
    • Staff will assist you to set up an appointment time to arrive at your pickup location’s Contact-Free Holds Pick Up parking spot.
      • Show identification that you reside within the Yakima Valley Libraries service area.
      • Show picture Identification.



    To apply for an adult’s library card:

      • Visit any Yakima Valley Libraries location to get started.
      • Show identification that you reside within the Yakima Valley Libraries service area.
      • Show picture Identification.



    Children and teens under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when applying for a Library Card – Minor. The adult parent or guardian must supply photo ID and proof of current address. To apply for a Library Card for children and teens under 18 years old:

      • Visit any Yakima Valley Libraries location to get started.
      • Your legal guardian must provide picture identification.
      • Your legal guardian must show proof (a driver’s license, utility bill, or other non-personal piece of mail, etc.) that you reside within the Yakima Valley Libraries service area.



    A Library Card for Institutions from Yakima Valley Libraries allows your school/daycare/preschool or similar institutions to check out library materials for use in your organization. The institution is responsible for all materials checked out by authorized staff.
    Please have a formal letter requesting a Library Card for Institutions prepared on your organization’s letterhead, listing the following:

    • The number of library cards you are requesting
    • The names of staff authorized to use those library cards

    This letter must have the signed authorization of the head of the organization. Should a person leave your organization and no longer be authorized to use a library card, please contact us at 509-452-8541 or visit your local library branch, so that your organization’s library record can be updated.



    If you do not live or own property in our service area but you live in and have a library card with a cooperating library system in Washington State, you can get a reciprocal card. Reciprocal Borrowers can possess a YVL Library Card with full access to print and online resources and borrowing privileges. This card type does not include Interlibrary Loan services. Cooperating library systems include:

    • Fort Vancouver Regional Library
    • NCW Libraries

    To apply for a reciprocal card, bring your library card from the cooperating library system, a valid photo ID, and proof of address in the cooperating library system.



    To apply for a library card if you do not live within the Yakima Valley Libraries’ service area:

      • The non-residents may use services for which a library card is required through payment of an annual fee entitling everyone residing at the same street address (i.e. house, apartment, or other type of living unit) to receive library privileges at no additional charge. The annual fee is governed by the Yakima Valley Libraries Board of Trustees.
      • Non-resident cards expire after one (1) year. (To renew please visit one of our libraries to pay the annual fee and reinstate your borrowing privileges.)

    • Per Resolution #23-008 Annual Non-Resident Fee, the annual non-resident fee for 2024 is $105.


    The Digital Pass is renewable after three (3) years and grants immediate access to our digital collections including online databases, eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, digital magazines, and streaming video. Digital Passes are open to residents of Yakima County (except those living in the City of Grandview) who don’t already have a card. Learn more about Digital Pass eligibility (FAQ).

    Upgrade to a Library Card by visiting a library branch in person and showing identification that you reside within the Yakima Valley Libraries service area. Click the link below to complete the online registration form and be granted immediate use of our digital collections.

    • Although you may place two holds on physical items with your Digital Pass, use of physical materials is excluded until you get The Library Card.
    • The Library Card will allow you to check out library materials (books, DVDs, CDs, etc.) and reserve and use public computers.

    Important: The entry of a valid email address is highly desired.



    The Provisional Library Card is for people who live in the Yakima Valley Libraries’ service area, but do not yet have proof of current address. To apply for a Provisional Library Card you must:

    • Present picture identification at any Yakima Valley Libraries’ location to receive your Provisional Library Card.

    Also please note provisional library card holders may:

    • Checkout only 2 items at one time.
    • Place holds on only 2 YVL items at a time.

    Once you provide the library with proof of current address your card will be converted to regular status and have full privileges.