Your Reading History

    IMPORTANT – Information in your reading history may be accessed by law enforcement personnel without your consent.

    Start a Reading History

    1. Click My Record on the My Account menu and log in.
    2. Click Contact Information and Preferences on the My Record page.
    3. The Contact Information area expands
    4. Select (check) Maintain reading list.
    5. Click Submit Change Request.
    • Your reading history will begin with the next item you check out, but the item may not actually appear in your reading history list until the next day.

    View an existing reading history

    1. Click Log In on the My Account menu and log in if you have not already done so.
    2. Click Reading History on the My Account menu.
    3. Your reading history is displayed.
    • To sort the list, click a column name. For example, click Title to sort the list by title.
    • To remove individual titles from your reading history, click the check box by each title you want to remove and click Delete Selected. To delete all the titles on the page, click the check box at the top of the list and click Delete Selected

    Clear and stop your reading history

    1. Click Contact Information and Preferences on My Record page, or click Change Preferences on the Reading History page.
    2. Select the Maintain reading list check box to clear it. IMPORTANT: When you stop the reading history, the information in the history is not Stored. It is permanently removed from the system.
    3. Click Submit Change Request.

    Note: If you receive outreach services from the library, your reading history is always active. You cannot clear and stop it.