Special Collections and Archive Services

Special Collections and Archive Services

Yakima Valley Libraries Special Collections are located at  Yakima Central Library . The primary focus of Special Collections is local and regional history, from the territorial period through the mid-20th century.  Available by appointment, Monday through Friday, at Yakima Central Library, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Relander Collection includes historical manuscript collections, books, private papers, ephemera, maps, and more. Selected portions of the Relander Collection have been digitally preserved and are available online.

Yakima Valley Libraries Digital Repository is an online archive for the collection, preservation, and distribution of historical materials held by YVL.

Yakima County Heritage includes photographs, documents, and artifacts which tell the stories of Yakima County communities.

Maps and Atlases Find clues to where your ancestors may have lived and learn where to look for written records about them.

Genealogy Resource Gateway is a curated list of genealogy resources that have proven to be of value to researchers.

Yakima Memory is a digital project that creates digital copies of photographs and documents tied to local history, and then stores those digital copies where anyone with an Internet connection can access them. Created by Yakima Valley Libraries and the Yakima Valley Museum.

Historical Newspaper Collection Yakima Valley Libraries has limited runs of past newspapers, some of which are available online. You can also find microfilmed issues available at Yakima Central Library.

School Yearbooks Collection Yearbooks from a variety of schools have been donated to our collection and are available at Yakima Central Library.

Microfilm Resources available at Yakima Central Library.

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