Summer Reading Program

    The 2022 Summer Reading Program Begins June 6th!

    From June 6th to August 6th, kids and teens ages 0-18 are invited to explore an Ocean of Possibilities with Yakima Valley Libraries.

    We have a calendar of FREE events and activities for the whole family to enjoy, all while kids and teens work their way toward earning reading rewards.

    Get ready to DIVE INTO READING at the library this summer!



    For the Babies & Toddlers program, participants ages 0-3 (and their grown-ups) are challenged to read 3 times a week for at least 4 weeks between June 6th-August 6th.

    Record the title of each book you, and your baby, read on their reading log, and baby will earn a fun reward once the 20-book goal is reached.

    Remember: Only one book per day counts toward your daily reading goal!



    For the Children’s Program, participants ages 4-11 are challenged to track their daily reading in increments of 20 minutes per day, while working toward a goal of 20 days of summer reading.

    • For each day that participants read, or are read to, for 20 (or more) minutes, they can color in a circle on their paper reading log.
    • Participants earn a reward for Day 10 and Day 20 of reading, plus a ticket for a variety of end-of-summer raffle prizes.

    Remember: Participants can read more than 20 minutes each day, but only the first 20 minutes count toward the daily reading goal!


    FOR TEENS (AGES 12-18)

    For the Tween/Teen Program, participants ages 12-18 are challenged to complete a game of book BINGO by reading 5 books that match different themes/categories included on the teen Book BINGO game card.


    • When you sign up for the Tween/Teen program in-person, you’ll receive a paper Book BINGO card like the one below.
    • Your goal is to read (or listen to) at least 5 books that match five different categories on your BINGO card, and work your way toward a BINGO (i.e., a filled in line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally).
    • As you complete a category/square, check it off and write the title and author in the designated square.
    • Once you’ve earned a BINGO, you can bring your Book BINGO card to your community library and be entered to win one of several end-of-summer raffle items.