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    Samantha Spinner and the super-secret plans

    Ginns, Russell, author.

    Samantha's uncle mysteriously disappears, leaving behind extravagant gifts for her siblings and an old, rusty, red umbrella for Samantha that may contain clues to his whereabouts.....

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    The heat is on

    Harper, Charise Mericle, author.

    The second week of Next Best Junior Chef features family and traditions, as Caroline, Oliver, and Rae, ages eleven to twelve, face more challenges and another elimination.....

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    The serpent's secret

    DasGupta, Sayantani, author.

    Up until her twelfth birthday, Kiranmala considered herself an ordinary sixth-grader in Parsippany, New Jersey, but then her parents disappear and a drooling rakkhosh demon shows up in her kitchen, and soon she is swept into another dimension, full of mag....

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    Anderson, John David, 1975- author.

    Young fairy Ophelia gets her first wish granting assignment and discovers that, although the fate of the fairy world rests on her completing her task, the job of granting a human's wish is anything but easy.....

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    Legends of the lost causes

    McLelland, Brad, author.

    A ragtag team of orphans embark on a quest for justice against the villain who destroyed their home, a mission that is shaped by the mysterious bonds they share and a legendary cursed stone.....

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    The legend of the Shark Goddess : a Nanea mystery

    Nanea meets a boy named Mano at her grandparents' market and, when things start to go missing from the market, she suspects he's the thief. Mano doesn't help his case by bragging about getting away with breaking some of the island's rules.....

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    Crash landing

    Seegert, Scott, author.

    Kelvin is desperate to take Luna to Sci-Fi Junior High's school dance, but first he must face mad scientist Erik Failenheimer and his army of pinions.....

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    The children's blizzard, 1888

    Tarshis, Lauren, author.

    When John Hale's parents moved from Chicago to a farm in the Dakota Territory in the late 1880s, he was not happy (too hot in summer, too cold in winter, and that is just the beginning); but after a year, and now eleven, he has settled in and made some fr....

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    The heart and mind of Frances Pauley

    Stevens, April, 1963- author.

    Eleven-year-old Frances is an observer of both nature and people, just like her idol, the anthropologist Margaret Mead. She spends most of her time up on the rocks behind her house in her "rock world," as Alvin, her kindhearted and well-read school bus dr....

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    The journey of little Charlie

    Curtis, Christopher Paul, author.

    When his poor sharecropper father is killed in an accident and leaves the family in debt, twelve-year-old Little Charlie agrees to accompany fearsome plantation overseer Cap'n Buck north in pursuit of people who have stolen from him; Cap'n Buck tells Litt....

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    The quest of the cubs

    Lasky, Kathryn, author.

    It is a time of trouble in the Northern Kingdoms because a group of power-hungry polar bears called Roguers has been snatching cubs from their mothers and killing those who resist; but Svenna is not about to relinquish her two cubs to that fate, so she ag....

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    Keep your paws off!

    Parisi, Mark, author.

    While snooping through his sister's diary, Marty finds a partially torn-out page that suggests he maybe a werewolf and he's determined to protect his classmates from himself.....

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    The oceans between stars

    Emerson, Kevin, author.

    Liam and Phoebe, having barely escaped the exploding sun with their lives, travel to the rogue planet Delphi, where they hope to find help for their injured parents and pass along the truth they discovered about the destruction of Earth.....

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    Calonita, Jen, author.

    Rumpelstiltskin has taken over Fairy Tale Reform School, where Gilly's younger sister, Anna, has been sentenced, and Gilly must break in to save her.....

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