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    Chilling effect

    Valdes, Valerie, author.

    Captain Eva Innocente and the crew of La Sirena Negra cruise the galaxy delivering small cargo for even smaller profits. When her sister Mari is kidnapped by The Fridge, a shadowy syndicate that holds people hostage in cryostasis, Eva must undergo a serie....

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    The unkindest tide

    McGuire, Seanan, author.

    "Hundreds of years ago, the Selkies made a deal with the sea witch: they would have the sea for as long as she allowed it, and when the time came, she would call in all their debts at once. Many assumed that day would never come. Those people were wrong. ....

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    A song for a new day

    Pinsker, Sarah, author.

    In the Before, when the government didn't prohibit large public gatherings, Luce Cannon was on top of the world. One of her songs had just taken off and she was on her way to becoming a star. Now, in the After, terror attacks and deadly viruses have led t....

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    Rise of the locusts

    Goodwin, Mark, 1970- author.

    Cyber Security Analyst Kate McCarthy knows something ominous is about to happen in the US banking system. She has a place to go if things get hectic, but it's far from the perfect retreat. When a new breed of computer virus takes down America's financial ....

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    To be taught, if fortunate

    Chambers, Becky, author.

    "At the turn of the twenty-second century, scientists make a breakthrough in human spaceflight. Through a revolutionary method known as somaforming, astronauts can survive in hostile environments off Earth using synthetic biological supplementations. They....

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    The ascent to godhood

    Yang, J. Y., author.

    "The Protector is dead. For fifty years, the Protector ruled, reshaping her country in her image and driving her enemies to the corners of the map. For half a century the world turned around her as she built her armies, trained her Tensors, and grasped a....

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    Darwin's cipher

    Rothman, M. A. (Michael A.), author.

    Juan Gutierrez, a cancer researcher, has spent years studying the genome of animals that exhibit immunity to some types of cancer. Over the course of his study, Juan discovers a pattern that allows him to predict the course of a species' evolution across ....

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    The gossamer mage

    Czerneda, Julie, 1955- author.

    "Only in Tananen do people worship a single deity: the Deathless Goddess. Only in this small, forbidden realm are there those haunted by words of no language known to woman or man. The words are Her Gift, and they summon magic. Mage scribes learn to write....

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    The mythic dream

    Madeleine L'Engle once said, �When we lose our myths we lose our place in the universe.� The Mythic Dream gathers together eighteen stories that reclaim the myths that shaped our collective past, and use them to explore our present and future. From Hades ....

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    Choose your enemies

    Mitchell, Sandy, 1958- author.

    Commissar Ciaphas Cain returns! After putting down an uprising on a mining world, he finds evidence that the corruption might have spread to other planets, and the forge world of Ironfound could now be at risk... It's been a long time, but the self-styled....

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    The blacksmith queen

    Aiken, G. A, author.

    When the prophesy about a blacksmith ascending to the throne of the Black Hills proves true, Keeley must protect her younger sister from the enraged sons of the Old King with the help of the Amichai, kilt-wearing mountain warriors.....

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    Frost and flame

    Showalter, Gena, author.

    Bane of Adwaeweth is the most feared immortal warrior in All War history. Possessed by a bloodthirsty beast, he will stop at nothing to win. Then he meets irresistible Nola Lee. He hates the power she wields over him, but she alone can rain vengeance upon....

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    A little hatred

    Abercrombie, Joe, author.

    The chimneys of industry rise over Adua and the world seethes with new opportunities. But old scores run deep as ever. On the blood-soaked borders of Angland, Leo dan Brock struggles to win fame on the battlefield, and defeat the marauding armies of Stour....

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