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    The crown of gilded bones

    Armentrout, Jennifer L., author.

    Poppy now has the love of Prince Casteel, but finds they must together rescue both their brothers and weather all manner of danger, to save their people as well as each other.....

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    Heaven official's blessing = Tian guan ci fu. 1

    Mo, Xiang Tong Xiu, author.

    This epic historical fantasy about a prince and the mysterious man by his side is now in English, for the very first time. Born the crown prince of a prosperous kingdom, Xie Lian was renowned for his beauty, strength, and purity. His years of dedicated study and noble deeds allowed him to ascend to godhood. But those who rise may also fall, and fall he does--cast from the heavens and banished to the world below. Eight hundred years after his mortal life, Xie Lian has ascended to godhood for the third time, angering most of the gods in the process. To repay his debts, he is sent to the Mortal Realm to hunt down violent ghosts and troublemaking spirits who prey on the living. Along his travels, he meets the fascinating and brilliant San Lang, a young man with whom he feels an instant connection. Yet San Lang is clearly more than he appears... What mysteries lie behind that carefree smile? ....

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    Sinopticon : a celebration of Chinese science fiction

    Presents a collection of the best Chinese science fiction stories from thirteen writers, translated into English for the first time.....

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    The desert prince

    Brett, Peter V., author.

    From New York Times bestselling author Peter V. Brett comes a new fantasy saga about the children of a band of legendary heroes--who must become heroes for a new generation. An all-new story set in the world of the beloved Demon Cycle series. Fifteen years ago, humankind won a devastating war against an army of demons. They were led by a generation of heroes whose lives have now become legend--and whose children live in peace, but also in the shadow of their parents' legacies. Darin is the son of the greatest of these heroes, a man venerated as a near-god. The world expects Darin to be just like his father, but he couldn't feel more different: He's a gentle musician who prefers his violin to the sword. Olive's parents are royals from rival kingdoms who were also both once powerful demon hunters. Olive has lived a sheltered life in the palace, but soon discovers that they've inherited their parents' incredible magical power... and a love for combat. Olive and Darin have grown up in a world that their parents made for them: one where demons no longer torment mankind. But there are signs that the demons have returned to the earth--and that they might be hunting Olive. Now Olive and Darin have to prepare to face this ancient threat... and to fight for the freedom to create their own destinies.....

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    You sexy thing

    Rambo, Cat, author.

    Farscape meets The Great British Bake Off in this fantastic space opera You Sexy Thing from former SFWA President, Cat Rambo. Just when they thought they were out... TwiceFar station is at the edge of the known universe, and that's just how Niko Larson, former Admiral in the Grand Military of the Hive Mind, likes it. Retired and finally free of the continual war of conquest, Niko and the remnants of her former unit are content to spend the rest of their days working at the restaurant they built together, The Last Chance. But, some wars can't ever be escaped, and unlike the Hive Mind, some enemies aren't content to let old soldiers go. Niko and her crew are forced onto a sentient ship convinced that it is being stolen and must survive the machinations of a sadistic pirate king if they even hope to keep the dream of The Last Chance alive.....

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    The veiled throne

    Liu, Ken, 1976- author.

    Princess Théra, once known as Empress Üna of Dara, entrusted the throne to her younger brother in order to journey to Ukyu-Gondé to war with the Lyucu. She has crossed the fabled Wall of Storms with a fleet of advanced warships and ten thousand people. Beset by adversity, Théra and her most trusted companions attempt to overcome every challenge by doing the most interesting thing. But is not letting the past dictate the present always possible or even desirable? In Dara, the Lyucu leadership as well as the surviving Dandelion Court bristle with rivalries as currents of power surge and ebb and perspectives spin and shift. Here, parents and children, teachers and students, Empress and Pékyu, all nurture the seeds of plans that will take years to bloom. Will tradition yield to new justifications for power? Everywhere, the spirit of innovation dances like dandelion seeds on the wind, and the commoners, the forgotten, the ignored begin to engineer new solutions for a new age.....

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    Grandmaster of demonic cultivation : mo dao zu shi. 1

    Mo, Xiang Tong Xiu, author.

    Wei Wuxian was once one of the most outstanding men of his generation, a talented and clever young cultivator who harnessed martial arts, knowledge, and spirituality into powerful abilities. But when the horrors of war led him to seek a new power through demonic cultivation, the world's respect for his skills turned to fear, and his eventual death was celebrated throughout the land. Years later, he awakens in the body of an aggrieved young man who sacrifices his soul so that Wei Wuxian can exact revenge on his behalf. Though granted a second life, Wei Wuxian is not free from his first, nor the mysteries that appear before him now. Yet this time, he'll face it all with the righteous and esteemed Lan Wangji at his side, another powerful cultivator whose unwavering dedication and shared memories of their past will help shine a light on the dark truths that surround them.....

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    The starless crown

    Rollins, James, 1961- author.

    An alliance embarks on a dangerous journey to uncover the secrets of the distant past and save their world in this captivating, deeply visionary adventure from #1 New York Times bestselling thriller-master James Rollins. A gifted student foretells an apocalypse. Her reward is a sentence of death. Fleeing into the unknown she is drawn into a team of outcasts: A broken soldier, who once again takes up the weapons he's forbidden to wield and carves a trail back home. A drunken prince, who steps out from his beloved brother's shadow and claims a purpose of his own. An imprisoned thief, who escapes the crushing dark and discovers a gleaming artifact - one that will ignite a power struggle across the globe. On the run, hunted by enemies old and new, they must learn to trust each other in order to survive in a world evolved in strange, beautiful, and deadly ways, and uncover ancient secrets that hold the key to their salvation. But with each passing moment, doom draws closer. WHO WILL CLAIM THE STARLESS CROWN?....

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    The undertakers

    Glover, Nicole, author.

    Nothing bothers Hetty and Benjy Rhodes more than a case where the answers, motives, and the murder itself feel a bit too neat. Raimond Duval, a victim of one of the many fires that have erupted recently in Philadelphia, is officially declared dead after the accident, but Hetty and Benjy's investigation points to a powerful Fire Company known to let homes in the Black community burn to the ground. Before long, another death breathes new life into the Duval investigation: Raimond's son, Valentine, is also found dead. Finding themselves with the dubious honor of taking on Valentine Duval as their first major funeral, it becomes clear that his passing was intentional. Valentine and his father's deaths are connected, and the recent fires plaguing the city might be more linked to recent community events than Hetty and Benji originally thought.....

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    Termination shock : a novel

    Stephenson, Neal, author.

    From Neal Stephenson — who coined the term "metaverse" in his 1992 novel Snow Crash — comes a sweeping, prescient new thriller that transports readers to a near-future world in which the greenhouse effect has inexorably resulted in a whirling-dervish troposphere of superstorms, rising sea levels, global flooding, merciless heat waves, and virulent, deadly pandemics. One man – visionary billionaire restaurant chain magnate T. R. Schmidt, Ph.D. – has a Big Idea for reversing global warming, a master plan perhaps best described as “elemental.” But will it work? And just as important, what are the consequences for the planet and all of humanity should it be applied? Ranging from the Texas heartland to the Dutch royal palace in the Hague, from the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas to the sunbaked Chihuahuan Desert, Termination Shock brings together a disparate group of characters from different cultures and continents who grapple with the real-life repercussions of global warming. Ultimately, it asks the question: Might the cure be worse than the disease? Epic in scope while heartbreakingly human in perspective, Termination Shock sounds a clarion alarm, ponders potential solutions and dire risks, and wraps it all together in an exhilarating, witty, mind-expanding speculative adventure.....

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    The house of rust : a novel

    Bajaber, Khadija Abdalla, author.

    "When Aisha's fisherman father goes missing, she takes to the sea on a skeleton boat to rescue him. Guided by a talking scholar's cat, who sparks her interest in the mysterious House of Rust, she encounters three monsters hidden beneath the waves. All Aisha wants is for things to return to normal. But a showdown with the father of all sharks looms, and at home, things only grow stranger"--Page 4 of cover.....

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