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    Old-fashioned on purpose : cultivating a slower, more joyful life

    Winger, Jill, author.

    When the pandemic hit in 2020, flour and vegetable seeds flew off the shelves. But homesteader and entrepreneur Jill Winger believes these longings for sourdough bread and fresh veggies are more than a trend. As our society races toward progress, we’ve left something important behind. We are more connected than ever before, yet we’re still feeling unfulfilled. In Old-Fashioned on Purpose, Winger shows how simplifying our lives and adopting retro skills such as gardening and handiwork can be the key to creating the happy and healthy life we’re yearning for. Inside these pages, readers will learn: *How to find joy in the kitchen (even if you hate to cook) *Proven strategies for growing your own groceries *The surprising stress-relievers that can be found in your backyard *How to craft a more grounded routine and save money in the process *Clever tips and creative DIYs to help you embark on your old-fashioned journey. You don’t have to live on a farm to cultivate a simpler life. This inspiring and practical book offers a powerful new sense of purpose, with plenty of tomatoes, chickens, and bread making along the way.....

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    Create your own cozy : 100 practical ways to love your home and life

    Galvan, Liz Marie, author.

    Create your own quiet refuge with tips and affordable decor ideas from popular blogger and author Liz Marie Galvan. Liz's friendly blend of inspiration, interactive elements, and intentional living ideas will help you create cozy spaces, healthy habits, and will fill your home with peace and connection.....

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    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness : Britain and the American dream

    Moore, Peter, 1983- author.

    The most famous phrase in American history once looked quite different. "The preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness" was how Thomas Jefferson put it in the first draft of the Declaration, before the first ampersand was scratched out, along with "the preservation of." In a statement as pithy--and contested--as this, a small deletion matters. And indeed, that final, iconizing revision was the last in a long chain of revisions stretching across the Atlantic and back. The precise contours of these three rights have never been pinned down--and yet in making these words into rights, Jefferson reified the hopes (and debates) not only of a group of rebel-statesmen but also of an earlier generation of British thinkers who could barely imagine a country like the United States of America. Peter Moore's Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness tells the true story of what may be the most successful import in US history: the "American dream." Centered on the friendship between Benjamin Franklin and the British publisher William Strahan, and featuring figures including the cultural giant Samuel Johnson, the ground-breaking historian Catharine Macaulay, the firebrand politician John Wilkes, and revolutionary activist Thomas Paine, this book looks at the generation that preceded the Declaration in 1776. Everyone, it seemed, had "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" on their minds; Moore shows why, and reveals how these still-nascent ideals made their way across an ocean and started a revolution.....

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    Knitted Christmas stockings : 25 festive designs to make for family and friends

    Reynolds, Emilee, author.

    A joyful collection of 25 Christmas stockings to knit in a variety of vibrant designs, with something to suit all the family. You can create that magical moment for friends and family with these truly special handmade gifts. With the choice of minimal modern designs, jolly elves, classic nativity scenes and traditional festive themes, you can find a style to suit everyone. Why stop at one stocking, when you could make them for the whole family? Each design can be personalized with the recipient's name. New knitters need not be daunted, all the essential know-how you’ll need to get started is found at the back of the book: from which materials to buy to basic stitches to learn. *25 stocking designs, presented by theme, to suit the whole family. *Clear color knitting charts for each design. *Includes full instructions on how to personalize your stockings with the name of the recipient.....

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    Corrupt : the inside story of Biden's dark money

    Morris, Dick, author.

    “Within these incendiary pages, Dick Morris, America’s reigning Dean of political strategy and tactics, completely unmasks the treasonous behavior of arguably the worst first family to ever darken the doors of the White House.” — From the Foreword by Peter Navarro....

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    Cheap old houses : an unconventional guide to loving and restoring a forgotten home

    Finkelstein, Elizabeth (Architectural historian), author.

    Welcome to the magical world of Cheap Old Houses, where the new American dream comes with zero mortgage and an affordable lifestyle fit for a storybook. Ethan and Elizabeth Finkelstein, HGTV hosts and founders of @cheapoldhouses, have scoured the country to find homes in desperate need of saving—including a $45,000 Victorian in Mississippi, a $25,000 mansion in Indiana, an $82,000 recreational camp in Maine, and more. Cheap Old Houses features the stories of how these homes were acquired and lovingly restored. Within these pages, you’ll discover sprawling Victorian mansions, Italianate-style farmhouses, off-the-beaten-path cabins, and even old churches turned into residences. You’ll meet a couple who camped out on their back porch while they made their 6,000-square foot manor livable, and homeowners who found a free bungalow and moved it seventy miles to their property. Additionally, Elizabeth, a historical preservationist, gives information on the details to preserve in historic houses, from pocket doors that might be hiding in the walls to badly cracked plaster walls that are worth repairing and butler’s pantries that are once again more desirable for storing dishes and small appliances. With hundreds of beautiful photographs capturing these homes in all their glory, you’ll be inspired to find “the one”—a fixer upper to rescue that will rescue you right back.....

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    The manager's handbook : five simple steps to build a team, stay focused, make better decisions, and crush your competition

    Dodson, David M., author.

    An actionable strategy guide for busy professionals who want to level up their management game. In The Manager's Handbook, Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty member, serial entrepreneur, and investor in over 100 companies, David Dodson, delivers an insightful work that describes, in highly practical detail, five skills every great manager needs to know if they want to get things done. Managers desperately want a crisp, how-to book that will show them―in one single title―the way to master the most important skills necessary to run an organization. The Manager's Handbook organizes the five essential skills of effective implementation into one, simple-to-read, easy-to-use, book. The Manager's Handbook is an essential playbook for managers, executives, board members, and other business leaders interested in dramatically improving their ability to lead people and inspire loyalty.....

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    Material world : the six raw materials that shape modern civilization

    Conway, Ed, 1979- author.

    The story of civilization from an entirely new vantage point--the six raw materials that have shaped and will continue to shape humanity's destiny. Sand, iron, salt, oil, copper and lithium: The struggle for these fundamental materials has created empires, razed civilizations, and fed our ingenuity and our greed for thousands of years. It is a story that is far from finished. Though we are told we now live in a weightless world of information, we dug more stuff out of the earth in 2017 than in all of human history before 1950. And it's getting exponentially worse. To make one bar of gold, we now have to dig 5,000 tons of earth. For every ton of fossil fuels, we extract six tons of other materials--from sand to stone to wood to metal. Even as we pare back our consumption of fossil fuels we continue to redouble our consumption of everything else. Why? Because these ingredients are the basis for everything. They power our phones and electric cars, build our homes and offices, enable the printing of our books, and supply our packaging. Our modern world would not exist without them, and the hidden battle to control them will shape our future. This is an epic journey across continents, cultures and epochs that captures the astonishing extent to which humanity's prosperity is intertwined with what we extract from the earth and adapt to our needs and desires. It is a story of our past and future, from the ground up.....

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    The ballot and the Bible : how scripture has been used and abused in American politics and where we go from here

    Schiess, Kaitlyn, author.

    How do Bible passages written thousands of years ago apply to politics today? What can we learn from America's history of using the Bible in politics? How can we converse with people whose views differ from our own? In The Ballot and the Bible, Kaitlyn Schiess explores these questions and more. She unpacks examples of how Americans have connected the Bible to politics in the past, highlighting times it was applied well and times it was egregiously misused. Schiess combines American political history and biblical interpretation to help readers faithfully read Scripture, talk with others about it, and apply it to contemporary political issues--and to their lives. Rather than prescribing what readers should think about specific hot-button issues, Schiess outlines core biblical themes around power, allegiance, national identity, and more.....

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    Cocina mexicana : fresh, vibrant recipes for authentic Mexican food

    Cavita, Adriana, author.

    "Experience authentic Mexican dishes on a culinary journey around the country with a celebrated chef and restaurateur. Adriana Cavita grew up in a small village in Mexico and was inspired to enter the food industry by her grandmother who ran a street-food business. She has since travelled extensively around the country, from Mexico City the capital (where she was born), across to Oaxaca and the Yucat̀n. Visiting the small towns around the coast and perched up in the mountains sparked in Adriana a fascination with traditional cooking methods, and how these vary from region to region. This collection of recipes is built around her experiences, from breathing in the aroma of woodsmoke from a barbacoa (food cooked over open flames), to seeing first-hand the care that goes into preparing seemingly simple dishes, from salsas and moles to tortillas and tostadas. Adriana's extensive travels have influenced this collection of recipes. From the northern, more rugged dishes of Baja Fish Tacos and Birria (beef stew), through the centre of the country with a wealth of quesadillas and Pollo en Adobo (chicken adobo), all the way to the southern regions of Yucatan and Oaxaca featuring Tlayudas con Carne Asada (often referred to as the Oaxaca pizza!). Adriana also introduces the basics of Mexican cooking, including salsas, corn dough, tostadas, and moles and includes a selection of tantalizing Mexican cocktails heralding the popularity of tequila and mezcal. Adriana's take on traditional Mexican dishes tell a story of her heritage and the people who taught her the craft of cooking and will open your eyes to real, authentic Mexican food"--Publisher's description.....

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    Dinnertime SOS : 100 sanity-saving meals parents and kids of all ages will actually want to eat

    Palanjian, Amy, author.

    You rush home from work, tired from the day but looking forward to sharing a meal with your family. Except, you're short on energy... How are you supposed to juggle these responsibilities and make a meal that everyone at your table actually wants to eat? Enter Dinnertime SOS, a collection of super-fast, accessible, and delicious family meals that appeal to both kids and parents. As the founder of Yummy Toddler Foods and a nationally recognized expert on feeding families well, Amy Palanjian is here to help customize meals for even the pickiest of eaters, sharing recipes the whole family can enjoy together. This is your playbook to make the most of your limited time in kitchen, embrace quality shortcuts, and ditch the guilt. This is the cookbook that parents with little kids have been waiting for. With recipes that are all super fast--we're talking twenty minutes max--or that can be prepped ahead and thrown into the slow cooker or instant pot, this is everything you need to prepare healthy meals on a budget from a trusted source. Nourishing weeknight dinners include: Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese, DIY Bagel Pizzas, Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Instant Pot Burrito Bowls, and the Ultimate Family Charcuterie Board. With strategies to cut down on cooking time, healthy shortcuts, and meal planning tips, Dinnertime SOS shares tried and true cooking advice and recipes to help parents win dinnertime.....

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    Charlie Brown's Christmas miracle : the inspiring, untold story of the making of a holiday classic

    Keane, Michael, 1960- author.

    Discover the inspiring, unknown, against-all-odds story of how the classic animated holiday special A Charlie Brown Christmas almost never made it onto television. Professor and cultural historian Michael Keane reveals much in this nostalgia-inducing book packed with original research and interviews. Keane compellingly shows that the ultimate broadcast of the Christmas special-given its incredibly tight five-month production schedule and the decidedly unfavorable reception it received by the skeptical network executives who first screened it-was nothing short of a miracle. Keane explains why the show, despite its technical shortcomings, has become an uplifting and enduring triumph embraced by millions of families every Christmas season, even more than fifty years after its premiere. This gripping and joyful behind-the-scenes story of how the creators of A Charlie Brown Christmas struggled to bring the program to life will also help readers (and loyal fans) understand how America's favorite Christmas special changed our popular culture forever. Keane masterfully weaves the momentous events of 1965 (the turbulent year of the program's production) into his story, providing critical context for a profound new understanding of the program's famous climactic scene, Linus's spot-lit soliloquy answering the question repeatedly posed by Charlie Brown - "Can someone tell me what Christmas is all about?"....

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