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    Sarah Jane

    Sallis, James, 1944- author.

    Sarah Jane Pullman is a good cop with a complicated past. From her small-town chicken-farming roots through her runaway adolescence, court-ordered Army stint, ill-advised marriage and years slinging scrambled eggs over greasy spoon griddles, Sarah Jane un....

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    Murder in the corn maze

    McKevett, G. A., author.

    "The roots of the Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency reach back to the 1980s in the little town of McGill, Georgia - where Stella Reid and her seven grandkids enjoy some spooky Halloween fun and stumble into murder...It doesn't take cash, just some good ....

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    The Topeka school

    Lerner, Ben, 1979- author.

    "Adam Gordon is a senior at Topeka High School, class of '97. His mother, Jane, is a famous feminist author; his father, Jonathan, is an expert at getting 'lost boys' to open up. They both work at a psychiatric clinic that has attracted staff and patients....

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    Imaginary friend

    Chbosky, Stephen, author.

    Single mother Kate Reese is on the run. Determined to improve life for her and her son, Christopher, she flees an abusive relationship in the middle of the night with Christopher at her side. Together, they find themselves drawn to the tight-knit communit....

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    Mycroft and Sherlock : the empty birdcage

    Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, 1947- author.

    "It is 1873, and Mycroft Holmes is in service to the Crown once again. A distant relative of Queen Victoria has been slain by the Fire Four Eleven killer, a serial murderer who leaves no mark upon his victims. Mycroft allows Sherlock to take the case, as ....

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    The shape of night : a novel

    Gerritsen, Tess, author.

    After an unspeakable tragedy, Ava Collette flees from Boston to a remote village in Maine, and rents an old house named Brodie's Watch. The isolated seaside mansion is peaceful-- until she glimpses the long-dead sea captain who still resides there. One ni....

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    A tall history of sugar

    Forbes, Curdella, author.

    "[This novel] tells the story of Moshe Fisher, a man who was "born without skin," so that no one is able to tell what race he belongs to; and Arrienne Christie, his quixotic soul mate who makes it her duty in life to protect Moshe from the social and emot....

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    The future of another timeline

    Newitz, Annalee, 1969- author.

    "1992: After a confrontation at a riot grrl concert, seventeen-year-old Beth finds herself in a car with her friend's abusive boyfriend dead in the backseat, agreeing to help her friends hide the body. This murder sets Beth and her friends on a path of es....

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