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    Hanging judge ; and, Bowie's mine

    Kelton, Elmer.

    Bowie's Mine -- Daniel Provost is the son of a farmer. Living up to his father's high standards for the farm is very hard work, but his life is basically comfortable and a loving woman is waiting to become his wife. When a well-traveled stranger, bearing ....

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    The man from Misery

    Noonan, David C, author.

    In 1871, sharpshooter Emmet Honeycut is acquitted of murdering a 12-year-old girl who was about to burn to death in a hotel fire. Emmet faces a bleak future until he receives a telegram from Major Kingston; his niece, Faith, has been abducted, and he's of....

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    Burning daylight

    Johnstone, William W., author.

    "Luke Jensen has seen some sorry looking bounties in his time, but this one takes the cake. A wanted poster is offering a reward of one dollar and forty-two cents--plus one busted harmonica--to capture Three-Fingered Jack McKinney. Turns out, McKinney's t....

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    Dusk along the Niobrara

    Nesbitt, John D, author.

    Dunbar, working on a ranch in the Niobrara country in Wyoming, connects the death of a hardscrabble homesteader with the death of an old horse trader some fifteen years earlier. As Dunbar goes to work on a corral project in town and then on fall roundup, ....

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    Noble outlaw : & A distant land

    Braun, Matt, 1932- author.

    "Noble Outlaw: John Wesley Hardin's powderkeg temper earned him twelve bodies by age twenty--and a place at the top of the Texas MOST WANTED list. Now a happy husband and a father, he thinks his fighting days are over and done. Until he's ambushed by an a....

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    Death rattle

    Lynch, Sean, active 2013- author.

    In 1863, a teenaged boy fled his home in Atherton, Missouri, to escape the power-hungry men who murdered his father and stole his family's land. He joined the Confederacy under an assumed name and led guerilla raids in the Civil War. Then came a decade as....

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    Fallon : a novel

    L'Amour, Louis, 1908-1988, author.

    He lived footloose and fancy-free until he met a girl that could become important in his life.....

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    Johnstone, William W, author.

    Lifetime outlaws Jimmy "Slash" Braddock and Melvin "Pecos Kid" Baker are ready to call it quits, but when members of their gang rebel, they must pull one last job to finance a retirement far away from the long arm of the law.....

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    A Jensen family Christmas

    Johnstone, William W, author.

    The legendary members of the Jensen family gather together at the Sugarloaf Ranch for one Christmas homecoming they'll never forget. ....

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    The Mustangers : and a bonus story told by The Wise Old Man of the West : Paths of Glory

    Fenady, Andrew J., author.

    "Champion cowboy Ben Smith is on trial for assault and battery, destruction of property, and intent to commit murder. His real troubles are just beginning. One of the last of the great American cowboys, Ben Smith is a three-time rodeo champion with one la....

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    The deliverance : and, the fire arrow

    Wheeler, Richard S, author.

    "The Deliverance and The Fire Arrow are two Skye's West novels by one of America's greatest Western storytellers, Richard S. Wheeler, at one price. The Deliverance Barnaby Skye-trapper, guide, and magnet for adventure-and his Crow wife, Victoria, agree to....

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    Fugitive sheriff

    Massey, Edward, 1942- author.

    From the moment he pins his father's bloodied star on his chest, Sheriff Simms fulfills his calling, hunts his father's killer, and eludes the U.S. marshal with his fallen-away Mormon deputies who hunt the sheriff for the bounty on his head levied because....

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    Savage country : a novel

    Olmstead, Robert, author.

    September 1873. Elizabeth Coughlin, a widow bankrupted by her husband's folly and death, embarks on a buffalo hunt with her estranged brother-in-law, Michael. She hopes to salvage something of her former life and the lives of the hired men and their famil....

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    Riding shotgun

    Johnstone, William W., author.

    Red Ryan must protect the passengers, including an army major's beautiful but stubborn wife, on a stage bound from Fort Concho, Texas, to Fort Bliss, as they face bloodthirsty Apaches who are on the warpath.....

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