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    Grandma's roof garden

    Tang, Wei (Author and illustrator), author, illustrator.

    Granny may be old, but she’s certainly not feeble – or idle! She’s built a splendid vegetable garden from scratch on the rooftop of her Chengdu apartment building. She collects thrown-away produce to feed her animals or make compost for the garden. She waters, weeds, and shows the neighborhood kids how to care for her plants: with love, patience, and pride. Come harvest time, Granny gathers her fresh produce and cooks up a delicious feast for her friends and family. She even sends them off with extra bags of goodies so people can make their own yummy, healthy meals at home!....

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    Books make good friends

    Mount, Jane, author, illustrator.

    Lotti is a shy girl who retreats into a world of books and reading, but eventually learns to make friends with other kids who share her passion, and reconnects with the real world (including her brother). Includes reading recommendations throughout.....

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    Mama in the moon

    Cronin, Doreen, author.

    A baby sloth experiences a nighttime tumble and as mama sloth slowly makes her way down the tree, she helps him self-soothe by using his senses.....

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    Jump for Joy

    Ruelle, Karen Gray, author.

    For as long as she can remember, Joy has wanted a dog. It doesn’t matter what kind: big, little, spotted, curly. She wants one so fiercely, she makes dogs out of snow, seashells, or whatever’s at hand! However, none of the dogs Joy makes are quite what she yearns for. The seashell dog washes away, and the snow dog melts into a puddle. Little does Joy know that her perfect dog friend is just around the corner—wishing just as fiercely for a kid—and waiting to be discovered. ....

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    Finding things

    Henkes, Kevin, author.

    An invitation to find joy in the simple things that are all around, if you know how to notice them.....

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    A happy place

    Teckentrup, Britta, author, illustrator.

    This beautiful picture book from award-winning author and illustrator Britta Teckentrup takes readers on a magical, moonlit adventure following a tiny star and invites all to dance with a host of animals. But is it all a dream? With peek-through pages and cutaways, the lyrical text and enchanting illustrations will inspire children’s imaginations.....

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    The teeny-weeny unicorn

    Harris, Shawn (Artist), author, illustrator.

    Once upon a time, in a land where horses were mythical beasts, there lived a unicorn—a Teeny-Weeny Unicorn. He lived with his family in a palace—one that was extra-large for him, full of extra-large rugs and extra-large food. And when his brother and sister played chess, they used him in place of a pawn. When it’s just too much to take, Teeny-Weeny Unicorn runs away—and has a chance encounter with a salty gnome. It's then that he suddenly starts to wonder... IS he teeny weeny? Or is he just the right size? ....

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    Snyder, Gabi, author.

    Today may seem long before leaving for a summer vacation or short during the time away. The moments that make up the day are filled with surprises, joy, fun, and memories. This book guides young readers to keep their eyes and ears open so the day doesn’t slip by.....

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    Ursula upside down

    Tabor, Corey R., author, illustrator.

    "Ursula is a happy catfish, swimming through a shimmering river with weeds waving above and a sky full of scrumptious bugs below. Then one question turns her world upside down. Is left right? Is right wrong? Which way even is up?"--Provided by publisher.....

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    A bear, a fish, and a fishy wish

    Bernstrom, Daniel, author.

    Provided by publisher....

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    Tran, Phuc, 1974- author.

    It's the last day at the construction site and Cranky the crane truck is feeling, well, cranky. And he doesn't want to talk about it. His friends Zippy, Wheezy, and Dump Chuck try to cheer him up. But you know what doesn't help when you're feeling cranky? A lot of talking. But what will help? ....

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    This little kitty in the garden

    Obuhanych, Karen, author, illustrator.

    Spring has sprung on Sakura Way. The five little kittles will garden today! Read along as these frisky felines plant seeds, pounce and play, claw and climb, and splish, splash and swirl—until they end their day asleep in the garden bed. Filled with bright and playful illustrations, here is an adorable picture book that introduces kids to the wonders of spring as they spend time in the garden with these delightful cats—all brimming with cattitude. Here is a picture book sure to charm cat lovers and kids alike.....

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    Baker makers

    Smith, Kim, 1986- author, illustrator.

    Naveen loves baking. In fact, he’s sure he’s practically a master baker. So he is excited when his maker class tackles creative cakes at Baker Makers Lab! He is positive his cake will be the most astonishing and extraordinary one of all. But the mismatch between his fertile imagination and his actual skills leads to disaster! Will he find a way to embrace the unexpected? Find out in this delicious and delightful STEAM-centered picture book about letting go of perfection from New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Kim Smith, creator of Boxitects.....

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    Climbing the volcano : a journey in haiku

    Manley, Curtis, author.

    For centuries, haiku has offered meditation on the grace and majesty of nature. In Climbing the Volcano, old meets new as a young protagonist uses the poetic form to voice his wonder. Treking uphill, the family encounters tiny toads, colorful butterflies, soaring birds of prey, and so much more to see, do, and feel. Climbing the Volcano is a call to adventure in the natural world, and a wonderful introduction to poetic forms. Young readers will be inspired to summit their own peaks and to find their own voices to share what they discover there. Whether you live in the shadow of a volcano, amid sprawling flatlands, or anywhere in between, Climbing the Volcano invites you to get out there and explore. ....

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    Lucky duck

    Pizzoli, Greg, author, illustrator.

    Susan the duck has the worst luck. Her rollerskates are two sizes too big. She's lost her favorite marble. And she's run out of pickles. But with each unfortunate discovery, Wolf shows up with a gift she's won. Her luck has turned around . . . hasn't it? Come see just how lucky Susan is, in this slyly funny story about finding luck when you least expect it.....

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