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    I am stuck

    Mills, Julia (children's book author) author.

    It stinks to be stuck. Turtle is stuck on their back, unable to flip over. "Try wiggling your feet," advises Duck--nope. Still stuck. "Try wagging your tail," Kangaroo suggests--nope again. Armadillo says that rolling in a ball might work--Turtle tries...but rolls ALL the way over and is stuck again. Possum wonders if Turtle is playing possum, but Turtle says no. "It doesn't hurt. But I feel scared, frustrated, and alone." Possum flops over with Turtle. They smell honeysuckle. They hear a bird singing. They watch clouds together. Turtle feels a bit better, but then it rains. Now, Turtle is cold and wet..."but I don't feel stuck." Possum says, "I feel like my butt fell asleep." And the duo giggle so hard, they both flip over. They discover being stuck is not so bad when you're together.....

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    I am a dragon! : a squabble & a quibble

    Hahn, Sabina, author, illustrator.

    A squad of frogs is excited when they spot a Very Big Frog in their pond. But when the creature says that he isn't a frog, the frogs insist that he's the one who is wrong. What happens when the creature has had enough of the frogs' quibbling? Find out in this pitch-perfect, hilarious read-aloud about misunderstandings, imagination, forgiveness, and friendship!....

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    Newton and Curie take flight!

    Kirk, Daniel, author, illustrator.

    When curious squirrel Curie notices a baby bird learning to fly for the first time, she can’t wait to try too! But everyone tells her that squirrels can’t fly. Determined, Curie decides to conduct her own experiment with the help of her big brother, Newton. Can they find a way to soar in the sky? Gently exploring the science of flight with simple, kid-friendly explanations of topics including gravity, air currents, air pressure, and lift, this light introduction to the principles of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) from bestselling author-illustrator Daniel Kirk depicts an inquisitive and resourceful sibling team who solve real-life problems together—and have a lot of fun along the way!....

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    The thing to remember about stargazing

    Esenwine, Matt Forrest, author.

    "What is the most important thing to remember about stargazing? When to do it, who to do it with, what to look for? It's none of those! This picture book's spare, lyrical text offers many possible ways to do stargazing: with a friend, with family, or alone; on a moonless night, or with a full moon, or even with some clouds; on the beach, lying in the grass, or standing on a snowy hill. There is only one rule of stargazing, which is saved for the end, and that is just to do it! " --

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    Autumn Peltier, water warrior

    Lindstrom, Carole, 1964- author.

    Indigenous women have always worked tirelessly to protect our water -- keeping it pure and clean for the generations to come. Yet there was a time when their voices and teachings were nearly drowned out, leaving entire communities and environments in danger and without clean water. But then came Grandma Josephine and her great-niece, Autumn. Speak for the water. Sing for the water. Dance for the water. With moving lyricism and arresting illustrations, Carole Lindstrom and Bridget George celebrate Josephine Mandamin and Autumn Peltier, two groundbreaking water warriors who have created a tidal wave of change.....

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    Ups and downs : a book of emotions

    Wohnoutka, Mike, author, illustrator.

    From excited to scared from worried to confident-emotions can shift in a moment! Acclaimed picture book creator Mike Wohnoutka's simple words and tender illustrations demonstrate the highs and lows of a single day at school and open the door for readers to talk about their own contradictory, unpredictable ever-present emotions.....

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    Something, someday

    Gorman, Amanda, 1998- author.

    Reveals how even the smallest gesture can have a lasting impact on the world's biggest problems.....

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    Julie and the mango tree

    Smith, Sadé, author.

    Julie loves all kinds of fruit, but mangoes are her absolute favorite. One sticky summer afternoon, Julie goes to the big mango tree in her yard to ask for a snack. But no matter how nicely she asks or how patient she tries to be, the tree just won't drop a single sweet, juicy mango! Will Julie ever be able to convince the tree to let her have just a taste of her favorite treat?....

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    The kitten story : a mostly true tale

    Jenkins, Emily, 1967- author.

    Finally, it's time for this family to adopt a pet of their own! But big decisions remain to be made. The two children, Tulip and Rosie, definitely want a kitten. But Daddy insists an older cat is best. No one can agree about what name to give the new family member, either. When Mommy and Rosie visit a shelter to choose their pet, yet another problem arises and they must go home empty-handed. This deftly paced story from best-selling author Emily Jenkins—winsomely narrated by Mommy, who just wants to find peaceful solutions—highlights themes of finding family unity among realistic conflict and overcoming disappointment. Readers will rejoice along with the family as, finally, they welcome home their very own, absolutely wonderful kitten.....

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    Place hand here

    Yamasaki, Katie, author, illustrator.

    A young boy passes a painting of a hand on a wall in his neighborhood and watches others placing their own hands against it. The act means something different for each of them: Ms. Iris tells him it is a link to her home country; for Devin, it connects him to his older sister, who just left for college; for Savannah, it reminds her of her grandmother who passed away. The boy thinks of those who are on the other side of the mural, of loved ones lost or lonely or far away, and of his own mother, who is currently incarcerated. While he waits for her to come home, the hand is there to connect them to each other and remind them that they are not alone.....

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    Old to Joy

    Clark, Anita Crawford, author, illustrator.

    Joy visits her Grandmama, who lives in an old house with all kinds of old things. As the day passes, Grandmama patiently helps Joy discover how old things and old ways can bring joy to any heart.....

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    Li, Hui, 1983- author, illustrator.

    After Grandpa introduces calligraphy and Chinese characters to Lulu and her dog Dumpling, they find themselves magically transported to a world where the characters they draw come to life! Soon Lulu and Dumpling meet a bird, a zither-playing musician, and many other animated friends. But when they discover an angry dragon, Lulu is not sure how to draw them out of this tense encounter. Spanning themes of art and history, this inventive story introduces children to complex Chinese characters, celebrates family and tradition, and shows how resourcefulness and kindness can save the day. ....

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    Pepita meets bebita

    Behar, Ruth, 1956- author.

    When dog meets baby, it will take a little time and a lot of love for Pepita and Bebita to become the best of friends. Welcoming a new baby can be hard, especially when you’re used to being the center of attention! When it’s time for Pepita, the puppy of the family, to meet the brand new bebita, she’s in for a few surprises. What do you mean that Mami is too busy to bounce a ball for Pepita? And Papi seriously can't find any time to scratch her ears? This new bebita is a bit of a problem....But along the way, the two will grow to love one another and become a family with even more smiles and heartwarming moments. From award-winning author Ruth Behar and her son, Gabriel Frye-Behar, comes a true-to-life story about adjusting to new additions and embracing change.....

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