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    McDonald, Jill (Jill McDonald-Gomez), author, illustrator.

    Introduces different pet types, including cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, frogs, and lizards, and describes how to care for animal companions.....

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    The favorite book

    Murguia, Bethanie Deeney, author, illustrator.

    Have you ever thought about how your favorite things became your favorites in the first place? Sometimes picking a favorite can be easy: you know from the moment you see it. And sometimes, selecting one can take a little longer as you consider all the opt....

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    Frozen II

    Scollon, Bill, author.

    Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven set off on a perilous journey to locate the Enchanted Forest. Will they discover the secret to Elsa's power--and find out what they need to reveal the mysteries of the past?....

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    Sofia Valdez, future prez

    Beaty, Andrea, author.

    Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school . . . until one day, when Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfill and he can no longer do so. Sofia (aka Sofi) misses her Abuelo and wonders what she can do about the dangerous Mount Trashmore. Then she gets ....

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    Puma dreams

    Johnston, Tony, 1942- author.

    A girl visiting her grandmother longs for a glimpse of the solitary and rarely seen puma. Her grandmother tells her that if she's patient, one day her wish will come true. But patience is hard, the girl thinks. So, the girl and her grandmother stand watch....

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    Bad dog

    Boldt, Mike, author, illustrator.

    "Look what I got for my birthday! A pet dog!" says a little girl holding a . . . cat? Rocky doesn't listen or obey like all the other dogs. (Because Rocky is a cat.) And Rocky hates her leash and doesn't seem to like other dogs. (Probably because Rocky is....

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    Breathe like a bear / by Kira Willey ; illustrated by Anni Betts.

    Willey, Kira, author.

    Part of the Mindfuless Moments for Kids series, this mindful meditation exercise featuring a sweet bear cub helps kids feel calm, wherever they are. With this board book, kids will learn to control their breathing and soothe themselves slowly to sleep, ju....

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    Norman's gift

    Olson, Michelle, author, illustrator.

    Norman the Button forgot to get her best friend Freddy a Christmas present. He sets out with big hopes, but he finds out that the best things are presents from the heart.....

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    The tale of Steven

    Sugar, Rebecca, 1987- author.

    In 2019, Cartoon Network aired a pivotal episode in its Emmy- and Annie-award nominated series Steven Universe: The hour-long special �Change Your Mind� revealed the highly anticipated culmination of Pink Diamond's storyline. A companion book to the serie....

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    Bathtime mathtime. Shapes

    McKellar, Danica, author.

    New York Times bestselling author Danica McKellar makes bathtime squeaky clean and sneaky smart in this follow-up to Bathtime Mathtime that gives your toddler a head start on learning their shapes.....

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    Huggy kissy

    Patricelli, Leslie, author, illustrator.

    An exuberant infant is lifted high in the air by Mommy, kissed on the tummy by Daddy, and snuggled by a puppy.....

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    Dog breath : the horrible trouble with Hally Tosis

    Pilkey, Dav, 1966- author, illustrator.

    Hally Tosis is a great family dog, but there is one rotten thing about her: her breath! It is so smelly, Hally's pet parents want to find a new home for her. The children, desperate to keep their beloved pet, try everything to rid Hally of her stinky sten....

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    Crow, Katrine, author.

    What animal has scales like these? Little ones will love guessing which of their favorite animals belong to the scales in this question-and-answer title filled with bold text and bright photographs.....

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    Crow, Katrine, author.

    Presents pictures of horns, challenging the reader to guess to which animal they belong.....

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    Pluto gets the call

    Rex, Adam, author.

    Pluto loves being a planet. That is, until the day he gets a call from some Earth scientists telling him he isn't a planet anymore! You probably wanted to meet a real planet, huh? So, Pluto takes the reader on a hilarious and informative journey through t....

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