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    Ese no soy yo

    Villalobos, A�lvaro, 1984- author.

    Rafael Salmeron is a 32 year old community manager that lives in Madrid. He is convinced that he knows the ins and outs of the Internet well, until the day he discovers that a doppelganger of his has spent years insulting half the world on Twitter. A grea....

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    Jesú;s : El Dios que sabe tu nombre

    Lucado, Max, author.

    In this seminal work, the beloved pastor and highly successful author Max Lucado explores the life and character of Jesus, now with unpublished content. The God of the universe knows your name. He has walked your streets. Jesus. You may have heard of him,....

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    Viaje chamánico : guía de iniciación

    Ingerman, Sandra, author.

    The shamanic journey has been a common practice in all native societies throughout history. Renowned professor Sandra Ingerman sheds light on: the shaman's original role in indigenous cultures and how to meet your "power animal" and other spiritual teache....

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    Noche de tahú;res

    Pozo, Raú;l del, author.

    The body of Moor Muza, who was a pimp, trafficker and loanshark, is found with his throat slit. A young and inexperienced policeman and his experienced and enigmatic fellow investigator try to reveal the reason for his murder and little by little they sub....

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    Volver a mí : autoconocimiento para vivir en paz

    Bevione, Julio, 1972- author.

    The world is a projection of our inner universe and what we experience speaks more of ourselves than of the circumstances that surround us. Back to Myself guides us to meditation and proposes new guidelines to enact a positive change in our lives. An invi....

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    Chef doctor : enfermedades crónicas y alimentación

    Amérigo, José Antono, Dr., author.

    Obesity, arteriosclerosis, coronary diseases, hypertension, certain types of cancer, osteoporosis... most diseases are directly related to nutritional or dietary factors. Chef Doctor shows that prevention is better than cure and that one of the keys to li....

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    Soldados de Salamina

    Cercas, Javier, 1962- author.

    "Nueva edición de Soldados de Salamina, novela imprescindible del siglo XXI, revisada a fondo por el autor y rematada por un esclarecedor epílogo escrito por él mismo. A finales de enero de 1939, apenas dos meses antes del final de la guerra civil, un ....

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    The moths and other stories= Las palamillas de la noche y otros relatos

    Viramontes, Helena María, 1954- author.

    "Prejudice and the social and economic status of Chicanos often form the backdrop for these haunting stories, but the central theme is the social and cultural values which shape women's lives and which they struggle against with varying degrees of success....

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    El arte de pensar : cómo los grandes filósofos pueden estimular nuestro pensamiento crítico

    Ruiz, José Carlos, author.

    There are many self-help books in the market. Some argue that we can achieve any goal we set ourselves, including full happiness, and they tell us how to do it; others try to alleviate the suffering that invades us when we do not succeed. However, the rea....

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    Simplificarse la vida : despeja, administra y planifica para dar un cambio radical a tu día a día

    Einfalt, Laurence, author.

    "Un método para simplificarse la vida debería ser, ante todo, simple. Y eso es lo que ofrece este libro: el programa más práctico, sencillo y divertido para despejar tu entorno y tu mente de trastos, dolores de cabeza y exigencias inoportunas. Laurenc....

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    Guía práctica de primeros auxilios

    Viver, Nuria. author.

    "Aveces, cuando menos te lo esperas, eres testigo de una situación en la que alguien corre peligro, y reaccionar es clave para salvarle la vida. �Sabrías socorrer a una persona que está sufriendo un paro cardiaco o una convulsión? Pero los primeros au....

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    Venganza y placer

    Schield, Cat, author.

    Reeling from a bad divorce, Zoe Alston makes a pact with two women similarly scorned. Her mission: take down gorgeous businessman Ryan Dailey by sabotaging his sister's political campaign. The problem: the white-hot chemistry sizzling between them.......

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    King, Stephen, 1947- author.

    Uno de los grandes clásicos imprescindibles de Stephen King, gran maestro de la literatura de terror. Durante toda su vida Cujo fue un buen perro, un San Bernardo grandote, pacífico, juguetón y amante de los niños. Realmente se trataba de un perro bue....

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    El día que no fue

    Lorenzano, Sandra, author.


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    En pocas palabras : las recetas + sencillas del mundo.

    "This is the perfect guide for quick, easy meals. It includes over 200 recipes, each with its own photograph and covers meat, seafood, vegetarian, desserts, and beverages. Both classic dishes and innovative creations will encourage readers to cook at home....

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