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    My story starts here : voices of young offenders

    Jamar found refuge in a gang after leaving an abusive home where his mother stole from him. Fred was arrested for assault with a weapon, public intoxication and attacking his mother while on drugs. Jeremy first went to court at age fourteen (�Court gives ....

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    The (other) F word : a celebration of the fat & fierce

    Chubby. Curvy. Fluffy. Plus-size. Thick. Fat. The time has come for fat people to tell their own stories. The F Word combines personal essays, prose, poetry, fashion tips, and art to create a relatable and attractive guide about body image and body positi....

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    Queer : the ultimate LGBTQ guide for teens

    Belge, Kathy, author.

    Teen life is hard enough, but for teens who are LGBTQ, it can be even harder. When do you decide to come out? Will your friends accept you? And how do you meet people to date? Queer is a humorous, engaging, and honest guide that helps LGBTQ teens come out....

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    Trans+ : love, sex, romance, and being you

    Gonzales, Kathryn, author.

    Trans+ : Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You by Karen Rayne, PhD, and Katherine Gonzales, MBA, is an all-inclusive, uncensored guide for teens who are transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, or gender-fluid. TRANS+ answers all your questions, easy and....

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    The Manga artist's handbook : drawing basic characters

    Morozumi, Junka, author.

    Popular manga artists Junka Morozumi and Tomomi Mizuna guide you through a series of carefully graded lessons to build up your skills gradually. Each pose and scene has a star skill level, so you can build your way up from 1 to 5! ....

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    Beneath the surface : a teen's guide to reaching out when you or your friend is in crisis

    Hugstad, Kristi, author.

    Depression and mental illness don't discriminate. Even in the most picture-perfect life, confusion and turmoil are often lurking beneath the surface. For a teenager in a world where anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses are commonplace, life can....

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    Debunk it, fake news edition : how to stay sane in a world of misinformation

    Grant, John, 1949- author.

    We live in an era of misinformation, much of it spread by authority figures, including politicians, religious leaders, broadcasters, and, of course, apps and websites. In this second edition, author John Grant uses ripped-from-the-headlines examples to cl....

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    Things that make white people uncomfortable : adapted for young readers

    Bennett, Michael, 1985- author.

    Michael Bennett is a Super Bowl Champion, a three-time Pro Bowl defensive end, a fearless activist, a feminist, an organizer, and a change maker. He's also one of the most humorous athletes on the planet, and he wants to make you uncomfortable. Bennett ad....

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    The other side : stories of Central American teen refugees who dream of crossing the border

    Villalobos, Juan Pablo, 1973- author.

    Every year, thousands of migrant children and teens cross the U.S.-Mexico border. The journey is treacherous and sometimes deadly, but worth the risk for migrants who are escaping gang violence and poverty in their home countries. And for those refugees w....

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    One person, no vote : how not all voters are treated equally

    Anderson, Carol (Carol Elaine), author.

    In her New York Times bestseller White Rage, Carol Anderson laid bare an insidious history of policies that have systematically impeded black progress in America, from 1865 to our combustible present. With One Person, No Vote, she chronicles a related his....

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    Ninja : get good : my ultimate guide to gaming

    Blevins, Tyler, 1991- author.

    Page 4 of cover.....

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    Playlist : the rebels and revolutionaries of sound

    Rhodes, James, 1975- author.

    "Open your mind to some of the most breathtaking and magnificent pieces of music ever created, and find out why the rebels and revolutionaries who wrote them are responsible for every track on your phone today. Discover their backstories and how each one ....

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    Enough is enough : how students can join the fight for gun safety

    McCann, Michelle Roehm, 1968- author.

    Young people are suffering the most from the epidemic of gun violence-as early as kindergarten students are crouching behind locked doors during active shooter drills. Teens are galvanizing to speak up and fight for their right to be safe. They don't just....

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    Obviously : stories from my timeline

    Hughes, Akilah, 1989- author.

    In Akilah Hughes's world, family--and life--are often complicated, but always funny. Through intimate and hilarious essays, Akilah takes readers along on her journey from the small Kentucky town where she was born--and eventually became a spelling bee cha....

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    Spies : the secret showdown between America and Russia

    Favreau, Marc, 1968- author.

    A thrilling account of the Cold War spies and spycraft that changed the course of history, perfect for readers of Bomb and The Boys Who Challenged Hitler. The Cold War spanned five decades as America and the USSR engaged in a battle of ideologies with glo....

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