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    A long time coming : a lyrical biography of race in America from Ona Judge to Barack Obama

    Shepard, Ray Anthony, author.

    Meticulously researched and drawn from numerous primary sources, this biography-in-verse tells the story of racism in the U.S. through six important Black Americans from different eras (Ona Judge, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barack Obama) who struggled for justice, chronicling how much - and how little - racism has changed since our country's founding.....

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    The teen anxiety guidebook : improve self-esteem, discover new coping skills, and relieve social anxiety, worry, and panic attacks

    McDonagh, Thomas (Thomas M.), author.

    Keeping up with friendships, relationships, school, extracurriculars, and social media is already a lot of work. And when anxiety spikes, it sometimes feels like it’s impossible to keep your life on track. You might feel like you’re in a never-ending downward spiral. That’s where this book comes in. The Teen Anxiety Guidebook offers dozens of beneficial quizzes, activities, tips and CBT-based advice to help you: Identify your most common anxiety triggers, Learn essential coping skills to prevent anxiety attacks, Redirect risky behavior, including substance abuse and self-harm, Understand the options of therapy and medication, Overcome the spike-and-relapse cycle. From mindfulness meditation to diaphragmatic breathing, the exercises in this book will give you the tools you need to redirect negative thought and behavioral patterns and navigate the difficulties of life.....

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    Squirrel is alive : a teenager in the Belgian Resistance and French underground

    Rostad, Mary, 1924-2011 author.

    In Squirrel Is Alive, Mary Rostad tells the harrowing story of her time working in the Belgian resistance and French underground during World War II. As a teenager in 1940, Mary was horrified by the war unfolding around her as the Nazis invaded her home country of Belgium. Only fifteen years old, and unable to ignore the atrocities she witnessed every day, she started working for the Belgian resistance by passing out literature and thwarting the cruelty of the Nazis. However, after watching friends mysteriously disappear and realizing the danger her work posed for her family and friends, Mary made the brave decision to leave Belgium alone and on foot, with only the clothes on her back to continue her work with the dream of arriving in England to join the Free Belgium Arm. Along the way, Mary dodged bullets and had a front-row seat for D-Day, escaping danger at every turn. Describing the brutality of Hitler's Nazis in vivid detail, she paints a terrifying picture of the war, but one that ultimately ends in triumph.....

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    Where to start : a survival guide to anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges

    The nation's leading community-based nonprofit dedicated to helping those living with mental illness provides clear, honest, jargon-free information for anyone struggling emotionally and looking for help.....

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    Impossible escape : a true story of survival and heroism in Nazi Germany

    Sheinkin, Steve, author.

    It is 1944. A teenager named Rudolf (Rudi) Vrba has made up his mind. After barely surviving nearly two years in the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland, he knows he must escape. Even if death is more likely. Rudi has learned the terrible secret hidden behind the heavily guarded fences of concentration camps across Nazi-occupied Europe: the methodical mass killing of Jewish prisoners. As trains full of people arrive daily, Rudi knows that the murders won’t stop until he reveals the truth to the world―and that each day that passes means more lives are lost. Lives like Rudi’s schoolmate Gerta Sidonová. Gerta’s family fled from Slovakia to Hungary, where they live under assumed names to hide their Jewish identity. But Hungary is beginning to cave under pressure from German Nazis. Her chances of survival become slimmer by the day. The clock is ticking. As Gerta inches closer to capture, Rudi and his friend Alfred Wetzler begin their crucial steps towards an impossible escape. This is the true story of one of the most famous whistleblowers in the world, and how his death-defying escape helped save over 100,000 lives.....

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    This Indian kid : a Native American memoir

    Chuculate, Eddie D., author.

    Award-winning author Eddie Chuculate recounts his experience growing up in rural Oklahoma, from boyhood to young manhood, in an evocative and vivid voice. "Granny was full-blooded Creek, but the Bureau of Indian Affairs insisted she was thirteen-sixteenths. She showed her card to me. I'd sit at the kitchen table and stare at her when she was eating, wondering how you could be thirteen-sixteenths of anything and if so, what part of her constituted the other three-sixteenths." Growing up impoverished and shuttled between different households, it seemed life was bound to take a certain path for Eddie Chuculate. Despite the challenges he faced, his upbringing was rich with love and bountiful lessons from his Creek and Cherokee heritage, deep-rooted traditions he embraced even as he learned to live within the culture of white, small-town America that dominated his migratory childhood. Award-winning author Eddie Chuculate brings his childhood to life with spare, unflinching prose. This book is at once a love letter to his Native American roots and an inspiring and essential message for young readers everywhere, who are coming of age in an era when conversations about acceptance and empathy, love and perspective are more necessary than ever before.....

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    A whole new ball game : the story of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League

    Macy, Sue, author.

    'Play ball!' yelled the umpires as the teams of the AAGPBL took the field in the tense, war-torn days of 1943. Like all professional baseball players, these athletes scrambled to their positions, tossed balls across diamonds, and filled the air with chatter. But there was something different about them--they all wore skirts, went to charm school, and continually had to answer one 'What is a woman doing playing baseball?' What were they doing? Having a great time, playing top-notch ball, and showing that a woman's place was at home only when she was at bat, behind the plate, or scoring a run. For twelve seasons, from 1943 to 1954, some of America's best female athletes earned their livings by playing baseball. This is their story in their own words, a tale of no-hitters and chaperones, stolen bases and practical jokes, home runs and run-ins with fans. Life in the league, however, was not all fun. Born out of a wartime "manpower" shortage, the AAGPBL ended with the growth of television and the ideal of the suburban home. Here, too, is the story of America's changing attitudes toward men and women and the roles we expect each to play. Author Sue Macy spent eleven years tracking down the women of the AAGPBL, interviewing them, and looking at their scrapbooks. Along the way she found that their odyssey did not end with the collapse of the league. The same courage and spunk the players displayed on the field led them to get back in touch with each other in the 1980s, to remind the world of what they had achieved, and to take their rightful places in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Balancing the voices of the women of the league with a lively, insightful overview of the changing patterns of American life, A Whole New Ball Game is a sports story full of telling insights about who we expect to be at home and how women can get back to first base.....

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    Money out loud : all the financial stuff no one taught us

    Anat, Berna, author.

    So no one taught you about money, either? Let’s figure this me$$ out together. In this illustrated, deeply unserious guide to money, Berna Anat—aka the Financial Hype Woman—freaks out her immigrant parents by doing the unthinkable: Talking about money. Loudly. Because we’re done staying silent, anxious, and ashamed about our money. It's time to join the party and finally learn about all the financial stuff that always felt too confusing. Stuff like: *How to actually budget, save, and invest (but also make it fun) *How our traumas shape our most toxic money habits, and how to create new patterns *How to build wealth in a system designed to keep us broke *How to use money to fund our biggest dreams—and change the world. No more keeping our money on mute. It’s time to grab the mic.....

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    The DC book of pride : a celebration of DC's LGBTQIA+ characters

    Axelrod, Jadzia, author.

    Celebrate Pride with DC’s LGBTQIA+ Superheroes. Written and curated by DC expert Jadzia Axelrod, The DC Book of Pride profiles more than 50 LGBTQIA+ characters in detail, including Harley Quinn, Superman, Nubia, Robin, Batwoman, Aqualad, Dreamer, Green Lantern, and many more. Discover their fascinating origins, amazing superpowers, and key storylines. This title is an indispensable and celebratory companion to the DC Pride comic books. With stunning comic book artwork and an exclusive cover artwork by renowned DC comics illustrator Paulina Ganucheau, this book is a perfect addition to the collection of any DC fan.....

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    From here : a memoir

    Mufleh, Luma, author.

    With no word for “gay” in Arabic, Luma may not have known what to call the feelings she had growing up in Jordan during the 1980s, but she knew well enough to keep them secret. It was clear that not only would her family have trouble accepting her, but trapped in a conservative religious society, she could’ve also been killed if anyone discovered her sexuality. Luma spent her teenage years increasingly desperate to find a way out, and finally found one when she was accepted into college in the United States. Once there, Luma begins the ago­nizing process of applying for political asylum, which ensures her safety—but causes her family to break ties with her. Becoming a refugee in America is a rude awakening, and Luma must rely on the grace of friends and strangers alike as she builds a new life and finally embraces her full self. Slowly, she’s able to forge a new path forward with both her biological and chosen families, eventually founding Fugees Family, a nonprofit dedicated to the education and support of refu­gee children in the United States. As hopeful as it is heartrending, From Here is a coming-of-age memoir about one young woman’s search for belonging and the many meanings of home for those who must leave theirs.....

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    DBT skills for teens with anxiety : practical strategies to manage stress & strengthen emotional resilience

    Hiller, Atara, author.

    Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) has been proven to help adolescents and teens get through some of the toughest times in their lives by teaching them how to manage anxiety--from chronic stress and worry to panic attacks, phobias, and overwhelm. In DBT Skills for Teens with Anxiety, licensed psychologist and DBT Certified Clinician Atara Hiller, PsyD, shares practical therapy techniques from the five skills modules of DBT: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and Walking the Middle Path--to help you find calm and control even when life feels unbearably hard.....

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    Men of the 65th : the Borinqueneers of the Korean War

    Aikens-Nuñez, Talia, author.

    Honor and Fidelity. That is the motto of the 65th Infantry Regiment, also known as the Borinqueneers, the only Puerto Rican unit in the United States Army. Since the regiment’s creation in 1899, the men of the 65th have proudly served the US through multiple wars, despite facing racial discrimination. Their courage, loyalty, and patriotism earned them hundreds of accolades, including the Congressional Gold Medal in 2014. But the honor and fidelity of the men of the 65th came into question in 1952, in the midst of the Korean War, when ninety-one Borinqueneers were arrested and tried for desertion and disobeying orders. How could this happen in one of the most distinguished and decorated units of the Army? In this telling of one of the forgotten stories of the Korean War, author Talia Aikens-Nuñez guides us through the history of the Borinqueneers and the challenges they faced leading up to what was the largest court martial in the entire war. Rediscover the bravery of the men of the 65th through Aikens-Nuñez’s thorough writing and the soldiers’ firsthand accounts of the Korean War.....

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