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    Chinese menu : the history, myths, and legends behind your favorite foods

    Lin, Grace, author, illustrator.

    From fried dumplings to fortune cookies, here are the tales behind your favorite foods. Do you know the stories behind delectable dishes—like the fun connection between scallion pancakes and pizza? Or how dumplings cured a village’s frostbitten ears? Or how wonton soup tells about the creation of the world? Separated into courses like a Chinese menu, these tales—based in real history and folklore—are filled with squabbling dragons, magical fruits, and hungry monks. This book will bring you to far-off times and marvelous places, all while making your mouth water. And, along the way, you might just discover a deeper understanding of the resilience and triumph behind this food, and what makes it undeniably American. Award-winning and bestselling author Grace Lin provides a visual and storytelling feast as she gives insight on the history, legends, and myths behind your favorite American Chinese dishes. Chinese Menu makes the perfect gift book for anyone who loves good food—and an even better story.....

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    Noah's fascinating world of STEAM experiments : chemical reactions

    Habibi, Sarah, author.

    Young aspiring scientists who love slime, explosions, and being busy with their hands will love this book. They will follow simple, step-by-step instructions along with Noah, their fellow junior scientist, and explore STEAM experiments that are bubbly, colorful, big, and mind-blowing. Part science lab notebook and part activity book, Noah's Fascinating World of STEAM Experiments provides an illustrated introduction to the world of chemical reactions. With ten in-depth experiments, Dr. Sarah Habibi, of the popular social media platform SarahAHabibi, will show kids how to follow the scientific method by building a hypothesis, conduction a real experiment, observing the results, and (if things go wrong) trying again! Kids will also discover... Experiments with balloons and slime; DIY lava lamps; Writing or drawing in invisible ink; QR codes to see the experiments on video; Space to draw their observations, no matter how wacky.....

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    Baking wonderland : a mix and match cookbook for kids!

    Parker, Jean, author.

    This mix-and-match cookbook is for curious kids who love to laugh. It’s the perfect first baking book for children to use their imaginations, learn new skills and take their baking adventures to out-of-this-world heights! Be our guest and explore this magical theme park full of the most scrumptious cookie, cupcake, donut and cake recipes. Mix and match them with our fabulous frostings, glazes, toppings and milks to build countless combinations for your dream desserts. Wherever you start your adventure, we know you’ll have fun and learn some cool and interesting stuff along the way . . . Just ask the animal friends you’ll meet throughout the book!....

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    The handbook of forgotten skills

    Batiste, Elaine, author.

    Turn the clock back to a simpler time. Cold lemonade in summer, evenings by a campfire, a warm blanket in winter. Fully-illustrated chapters feature the history and story behind more than thirty skills, including: How to skip stones, how to wrap a package with brown paper and string, and how to grow your own tomatoes. Featuring art by Chris Duriez, each chapter includes clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions as well as information about the history of that skill. For example, did you know that lemonade is credited with helping fight the plague in Paris? Or that paper airplanes became popular during World War II because traditional toys weren’t available?....

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    Of all tribes : American Indians and Alcatraz

    Bruchac, Joseph, 1942- author.

    On the night of November 20, 1969—the end of one of the most tumultuous decades in American history—eighty-nine young Native American activists crossed the San Francisco Bay under cover of darkness, calling themselves the “Indians of All Tribes.” Their objective? To claim the former prison island of Alcatraz, basing their actions on an 1868 treaty that said abandoned federal land could be returned to Indigenous peoples. Taking a stand on an island reclaimed as “Indian Land,” these peaceful protestors brought worldwide attention to the issues facing present-day Native Americans, as well as the centuries of unjust federal Indian policy. From award-winning Abenaki author Joseph Bruchac, Of All Tribes is the riveting story of the occupation that ignited the modern American Indian Movement and inspired activists everywhere.....

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    Anime and manga mega handbook

    Become an anime and manga expert with this must-have, 100% unofficial guide! Chock full of cool info, anime and manga fans will not want to miss out! From One Piece to Sailor Moon, Haikyuu to Spy x Family, theUltimate Guide to Anime and Mangahas everything you need to know about amazing anime and manga! Full of recaps, character backgrounds, plot theories, backstory, trivia, and much, much more, this MEGA guide has everything fans need to stay in the know on everything anime and manga! Become a manga and anime whizz in no time. Jam-packed full of trivia to share with friends. Learn all you need to know about your favourite shows.....

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    Weird but true! Disney : 300 wonderful facts to celebrate the magic of Disney.

    This delightful addition to National Geographic Kids' best-selling Weird But True! series uncovers surprising secrets and mind-boggling facts behind your favorite Disney movies, TV shows, park attractions, and more! Did you know it took 70,000 pencils to draw the artwork for The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)? Or that Donald Duck has an asteroid named after him? Discover the mystery at the top of Disneyland’s Matterhorn, what Goofy's original name was, how much food employees prepare each day for the animals at Disney's Animal Kingdom, how many balloons it would really take to lift Carl’s house from the movie Up (2009), and more. Packed with 300 awesome facts and loads of cool pictures, this fun-filled book is perfect for fans of Disney, National Geographic, Weird But True!, and all things wacky, weird, and wonderful!....

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    The wonderful world of water : from dams to deserts

    Garré, Sarah, 1984- author

    Dip into any page of this fun, fact-filled book and discover the endless ways that water impacts and sustains life on earth. Water is our planet’s most important resource, yet it’s easy to overlook its significance in our daily life. This kaleidoscopic journey across the planet offers fascinating insights into how water is connected to the air we breathe, the food we eat, and how our own actions can upset the delicate balance of its cycle. Readers will learn about how water journeys from ocean to sky to mountains, rivers, soil and back again; how water purification works; the flora and fauna of the rainforest; cloud formations and the weather they predict; natural phenomena such as the tiger bush; why rivers flood; what causes a tsunami. Presented in lively and engaging double-page spreads, each topic is explored with quirky illustrations, trivia, and sidebars that encourage further exploration and experimentation. Best of all, it makes young readers aware just how deeply entwined their futures are with the health of our planet’s water.....

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    Evolution : join us on an exhilarating journey from the origins of life to the present day!

    Darwin, Sarah, author.

    Discover the story of life on Earth and how it came to be, with real-life scientists Sarah Darwin and Eva Maria Sadowski.The Earth has come a very long way from the molten planet with oceans of magma that existed 4.5 billion years ago. Since then, the land has shifted, the climate has changed, and life has flourished. But how exactly did living things come to be? Let real-life scientists Sarah Darwin and Eva Maria Sadowski enlighten you about the fascinating facts of evolution: what it is and how it works. Dive into the history of life on Earth and learn about the theory of natural selection that Sarah's great-great-grandfather, Charles Darwin, and naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace came up with together. In this beautifully illustrated book, feature spreads explain the important things that you need to know and a timeline plots the history of life on Earth. Budding botanists will be delighted by this in-depth tour of life that leaves no stone unturned and will keep children (and adults) enthralled for hours. Find out how plants, humans, pet dogs, and everything else came to be and what this might mean for our future.....

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    They hold the line : wildfires, wildlands, and the firefighters who brave them

    Paley, Dan, author.

    A lone figure stands on a tower, watching and waiting. Lightning strikes. Tree bark sparks. A wisp of white smoke rises in the distance. It is time to act. Frightening images of raging wildfires top the daily news. On the ground, smoke fills the air as people prepare to flee their homes ahead of encroaching flames. Who helps to get this crisis under control? And what do these heroes do? They hold the line. They Hold the Line delivers a dramatic inside look at the work of the highly trained first responders who risk their lives to fight wildfires. From hotshot handcrews to those who support them, wildland firefighters serve as stewards of the land, managing the health of our forests and the safety of our communities. Powerfully written by Dan Paley and brought vividly to life by artist Molly Mendoza, this compelling and informative book explores wildland firefighters’ complex jobs in a fascinating and approachable way. Thoroughly researched and packed with graphics, labels, sidebars, vocabulary, scientific concepts, historical facts, and so much more, They Hold the Line is an informative picture book that takes readers along on a high stakes mission to battle one of the deadliest natural disasters to threaten the nation, while offering a dramatic look into the work of the highly-trained first responders who risk their lives to fight wildfires.....

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    100 disasters that shaped world history

    Mattern, Joanne, 1963- author.

    From the Great Fire of London to the Challenger explosion, earthquakes, crashes, floods, and accidents have been major turning points throughout history. In [this book], young readers will be introduced to some of the . . . disasters known to mankind, discovering how these fateful events unfolded--and how they changed the world as we know it.....

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    Tomfoolery! : Randolph Caldecott and the rambunctious coming-of-age of children's books

    Markel, Michelle, author.

    Quick! If you don't move fast, you're going to miss him -- there he goes-- Randolph Caldecott, future famous illustrator. His sketchbook is full of hurly-burly; wild weather, frisky animals and people so sprightly they can barely hold on to the pages. But in the 1850s, there are no children's books like that. Not yet. Many are published, but their pictures look still, full of pretty poses and cluttered scenery. No one has imagined how much fun an illustrated book can be ... Because the future hero of children's book illustration is just a lad.....

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    The magnificent book of treasures : Vikings

    Caldwell, Stella, author.

    Travel back in time more than a thousand years to visit the world of the Vikings. Board a longship to go on a voyage of exploration, and see the weapons and armor used by a mighty warrior. Discover mythical tales of magic, monsters, gods, and goddesses. Learn about mysterious picture stones, how the Vikings honored their dead, and how they traveled to the ends of the known world. Dozens of ancient Viking treasures are depicted in detailed full-color illustrations accompanied by fascinating facts about their use, lore, and history.....

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    Your freedom, your power : a kid's guide to the First Amendment

    Matulli, Allison, author.

    The First Amendment grants kids and every other citizen five monster privileges: freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition the government. If the First Amendment is everywhere in their lives, shouldn’t kids know more about it? Yes! In Your Freedom, Your Power, middle grade readers get a focused look at their freedoms and rights through the lens of this all-powerful First Amendment. The book engages children in learning more about their country and their rights and responsibilities. Each section will answer key questions readers may have thought about like: Do I have the right to protest at school? Can I be punished at school for something I say on social media? Why can’t I wear whatever I want? Can I text whatever I want? While answering these questions and explaining fundamental legal concepts every kid should know, Your Freedom, Your Power shares the fascinating stories behind some of the most important legal cases and social movements that have affected kids’ lives and rights.....

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    The hands-on ranch book : how to tie a knot, start a garden, saddle a horse, and everything else people used to know how to do

    Heffernan, Mary, 1978- author.

    There really isn't a more satisfying feeling than being capable and knowledgeable in a situation where we need to make decisions and solve problems. Now you and your children can learn exciting, useful life skills with the help of the modern-day ranch family at Five Marys Farms! Filled with clear instructions and helpful illustrations, The Hands-On Ranch Book shows your kids--and you--how to · read a map · build a simple shelter · start and tend a productive garden · make bread, maple syrup, candles, and dyes · tie useful knots · take care of horses, chickens, and other livestock · turn your talents into a home business · and so much more. Parents will love how The Hands-On Ranch Book encourages their kids to get outside and try new things. Kids will love getting their hands dirty as they observe, create, and share their new skills with others. This book is fun and educational for the whole family, including homeschoolers, homesteaders, and anyone who wishes their life was a little more tied to the land. ....

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