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    Ice : chilling stories from a disappearing world

    Buller, Laura, 1952- author.

    Learn about early humans and how they survived in one of the most hostile environments on Earth, the tragic and treacherous journeys of early polar explorers, how icy landscapes develop and change, and meet the animals who make these frozen lands their ho....

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    You be you! : the kid's guide to gender, sexuality, and family

    Branfman, Jonathan, author.

    "You Be You! is an illustrated children's book for ages 5 and up that makes gender identity, sexual orientation and family diversity easy to explain to children. Throughout the book kids learn that there are many kinds of people in the world and that dive....

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    Life : the first four billion years : the story of life from the big bang to the evolution of humans

    Jenkins, Martin, 1959- author.

    Before humans took their first steps, there were billions of years of vibrant and varied life-forms on Earth. Discover the story of our planet during this time, from the formation of the universe to the first mammals and all the incredible life that flour....

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    Understanding families : feelings, fighting, & figuring it out

    Lynch, Amy, author.

    This book helps girls understand and get along with the people they are closest to: their families. It includes activities for bringing family closer together, tips on talking about tough topics with Mom and Dad, advice on stopping fights before they star....

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    The big book of bling : ritzy rocks, extravagant animals, sparkling science, and more!

    Davidson, Rose M., author.

    From upscale splurges to flashy fun in nature, this treasure trove is filled with wonders that will dazzle and delight. Read about how nature struts its stuff with tantalizing tidbits about animals, including a few that literally glitter with iridesence t....

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    The big book of monsters : the creepiest creatures from classic literature

    Johnson, Hal, author.

    Profiles twenty-five monsters from mythology, folklore, and literature, from Medusa the gorgon and Polyphemus the cyclops to Dracula, Frankenstein's monster, and the headless horseman of Sleepy Hollow.....

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    The horrible craft book : 30 macabre makes to freak out your family and frighten your friends

    Minter, Laura, author.

    Test out your threshold for all things horrible with this disgusting book! From cornflour vomit and cat poo truffles to smelly socks and bug soap, the strength of your stomach will be truly tested by this revolting and gruesome collection of projects. Usi....

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    Brave the page : a young writer's guide to telling epic stories

    Stern, Rebecca (Editor), author.

    The founders of "National Novel Writing Month" offer practical advice on how to organize and commit to writing stories and novels, and includes motivating essays from such popular authors as John Green and Scott Westerfeld.....

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    Kirby McCook and the Jesus chronicles

    Arterburn, Stephen, 1953- author.

    What happens when a room full of kids find themselves without a junior-church teacher? They choose one of their own crowd to take her place, of course! Twelve-year-old Kirby McCook, mentored by his grandfather, leads his rambunctious friends through the B....

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    Cat science unleashed : fun activities to do with your feline friend

    Wheeler-Toppen, Jodi, author.

    Unleash the power of science! Have fun with 22 safe and cat-friendly activities that let you work alongside your cat to discover what makes her tick. Learn how catnip affects your kitty and how she can see so well in the dark. Find out what kind of toys y....

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    Code this game!

    Ray, Meg (Educator), author.

    Presented in an easelback format that allows kids to read and program simultaneously, this visual guide includes step-by-step instructions for using the open-source Python programming language to create a personalized strategy action video game called "At....

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    A song for China : how my father wrote Yellow River cantata

    Zhang, Ange, author, illustrator.

    This is the fascinating story of how a young Chinese author, Guang Weiran, a passionate militant from the age of twelve, fought, using art, theater, poetry and song, especially the famous Yellow River Cantata--the anthem of Chinese national spirit--to cre....

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