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    Where the heart is

    Knowles, Johanna, 1970- author.

    "For thirteen-year-old Rachel, summer is meant to be a time of long days of swimming at the lake and hanging out with her best friend, Micah. And this year she has a summer job, taking care of the animals at the small hobby farm across the road. The chick....

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    The dog who lost his bark

    Colfer, Eoin, author.

    Patrick has been desperate for a dog of his own for as long as he can remember, and this summer, with his father away, he longs for a canine friend more than ever. Meanwhile, in his short doggy life, Oz has suffered at the hands of bad people. Somewhere o....

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    A tale of magic...

    Colfer, Chris, 1990- author.

    Fourteen-year-old Brystal Evergreen risks everything by opposing her kingdom's repression of women, but Madame Weatherberry, seeing her potential, invites her to a school where she hopes to change the world's perception of magic.....

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    Ghostly reunion

    Troupe, Thomas Kingsley, author.

    A predictable family reunion in Hibbing, Minnesota, turns spooky after Robby Warner and his cousins tour an old bus museum and find a ghost who is looking for something.....

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    Haddix, Margaret Peterson, author.

    Eleven-year-old Marin and her neighbor Charley hope that by preventing a disaster that occurred twenty years ago, they can save Charley's dad from a future of guilt and self-destructive behavior.....

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    My Jasper June

    Snyder, Laurel, author.

    Publisher's description.....

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    11 before 12

    Greenwald, Lisa, author.

    The first day of middle school means trading in freeze tag at the pool for new schedules, fabulous outfits, and a fresh start. But for eleven-year-old Kaylan, the chaos of new locker combinations, cafeteria cliques, and potential first kisses is more than....

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    The Beast

    Condie, Allyson Braithwaite, author.

    Nico, Opal, Tyler, Emma, and Logan survived their worst fears come to life, and saved their tiny Pacific Northwest town of Timbers from a monstrous figment invasion. Now they just want to keep their heads down, enjoy Halloween, and explore the secrets of ....

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    Creativity project : an awesometastic story collection

    Book advocate Colby Sharp presents more than forty beloved, award-winning, diverse and bestselling authors and illustrators in a creative challenge! Colby Sharp invited more than forty authors and illustrators to provide story starters for each other; pho....

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    The dance of the star fairies

    Stilton, Thea, author.

    There is a crisis in the Starlight Kingdom, one of the fantasy worlds: its stars, powered by a special kind of stardust, are fading and may soon go out forever, leaving the Kingdom in darkness--so the Thea sisters and Will Mystery set out for Brightstar C....

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    Higher, further, faster

    Palmer, Liza, author.

    In her first year at the United States Air Force Academy, Carol Danvers finds herself overwhelmed with a rigorous schedule, demanding officers, and the looming possibility of joining the elite Flying Falcons program--which has never counted a woman among ....

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    Beverly, right here

    DiCamillo, Kate, author.

    Resolved to leave her home for good, young runaway Beverly is determined not to depend on anyone else, but as she settles in her new home and job, she forms connections with the people around her that alter her perspectives about life and herself.....

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    Momentous events in the life of a cactus

    Bowling, Dusti, author.

    After navigating middle school, ninth-grader Aven, born without arms, struggles with the challenges of high school, which test her confidence, strength, and sense of self.....

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    Guest : a changeling tale

    Hahn, Mary Downing, author.

    When her adorable baby brother is replaced by an ugly, ill-tempered changeling, Mollie is determined to find the so-called Kinde Folke who took baby Thomas, return the changeling she calls Guest, and make them give Thomas back. Natural and magical obstacl....

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