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    Beginning of forever

    Bybee, Catherine, author.

    Tasting wine is not enough: sommelier Giovanni D’Angelo wants to create it. To put his family first, he’s always deferred his dreams―a vineyard to run, a woman to marry. But a three-week vineyard tour in Italy could set him back on track. For Emma Rutledge, wine is in her blood. Intent to run the family wine business one day, she finds that the men in her family are only intent to push her out of it. But that’s fine―she’s got a plan. When Gio and Emma meet on a wine tour in Tuscany, their shared aspirations fuel an undeniable chemistry. Returning home to California, they work toward setting up Emma’s vineyard and a label of their own. But when Emma receives a life-altering diagnosis, she worries it’s all been for nothing. As Emma works to cement her family legacy while dealing with this unexpected challenge, Gio tries to convince her that their future isn’t just wine. It’s each other.....

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    Conard County : code Adam

    Lee, Rachel, author.

    He's a small-town detective...Who doesn’t need help from a big-city cop...Newly promoted within the Conard County Sheriff’s Department, Guy Redwing wants Valerie Brighton to stay away from his first case. But the missing child he’s searching for is Valerie’s niece, and Valerie is an experienced investigator. As they race against the clock to find the two-year-old girl, their mutual distrust turns to respect—and grows into an attraction that takes them both by surprise…....

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    K-9 hunter

    Miles, Cassie, author.

    When unspeakable danger strikes close to home, She’ll risk everything for justice. Piper Comstock and her dog, Izzy, live a peaceful life in the Oregon forest. Until her best friend and his daughter are targeted by an assassin. US Marshal Gavin McQueen knows the truth—a witness in protection has been compromised. Now a gang kingpin wants revenge. Piper vows to help Gavin catch the culprit. But as the danger—and duo—grows closer, is the peril to Piper’s life…or to her heart?....

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    Safeguarding the baby

    Nelson, Jill Elizabeth, author.

    A child is in danger. Only he can keep them safe…The discovery of a wounded woman and baby in a stranded vehicle plunges Sheriff Rylan Pierce into a chase with a murderous mastermind. Not only must he protect Emily and the child from a killer hot on their trail, he must uncover the culprit’s identity. But with Emily suffering from amnesia, his task just got harder. Will Rylan find the answers he needs before the killer finds them?....

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    Cold case revenge

    Patch, Jessica R., author.

    A kidnapped child. An unsolved cold case. This K-9 is on the trail. When his three-year-old daughter goes missing, Nick Rossi fears he'll relive his sister's disappearance from twenty-five years ago. Only this time officer Ruby Orton and her K-9 partner, Pepper, rescue the child. But as the kidnappers escalate to murder and target Nick, Ruby knows there's more behind the abduction. Together, can they find the connection with a decades-old cold case...before the past turns deadly?....

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    Deception at Dixon Pass

    Myers, Cindi, author.

    A stranger with amnesia is the only key to unlocking a search-and-rescue mystery... The injured man search-and-rescue volunteer Grace Wilcox discovers left for dead in a Colorado snowstorm can't remember why he's on Eagle Mountain or even who he is. But bloody footprints discovered near a crime scene spark a memory of deception and the chase for a murderer. Now, as Grace works with the handsome stranger to find out who he's after and what really happened at Dixon Pass, they must rely on each other for survival before a desperate killer strikes again.......

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    The evidence next door

    Miller, Julie, 1960- author.

    This wounded warrior...Is willing to protect her with his life...Grayson Malone started working as a criminalist after leaving the Marine Corps, but he’s still recovering from the trauma of losing his men and his legs. When a stalker starts menacing his neighbor, Allie Tate, he doubts that he can keep her safe—until her trust in him makes him trust himself. They might even have a chance at love…if they can stay alive.....

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    Hunting a hometown killer

    Bell, Shelly, author.

    He has a serial killer to catch...And she’s the perfect bait...FBI Special Agent Rhys Keller’s biggest clue to the identity of the Composer is the music the killer has tattooed on each dead woman. No one knows the tune, until Julia Harcourt recognizes it as a piece she’s written herself. The lovely violinist is also a perfect physical match to all the victims. For the hunt to finally end, Rhys needs Julia to risk everything to catch the killer…before the elusive killer catches her first. ....

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    Hidden Amish target

    Lynn, Dana R., author.

    She’s an accidental witness. Now she’s running for her life…Witnessing a murder puts a target on Molly Schultz’s back, and now she’s on the run from a gunman dead set on silencing her. She turns to family friend Zeke Bender for help, but when Molly’s identity and location are exposed, they’re left with a criminal among her Amish community. Can Zeke safeguard Molly long enough to catch the culprit—or will they fall prey to their merciless hunter?....

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    Marry me by midnight

    Grossman, Felicia, author.

    London, 1832: Isabelle Lira may be in distress, but she's no damsel. Since her father’s death, his former partners have sought to oust her from their joint equity business. Her only choice is to marry—and fast—to a powerful ally outside the respected Berab family’s sphere of influence. Only finding the right spouse will require casting a wide net. So she’ll host a series of festivals, to which every eligible Jewish man is invited. Once, Aaron Ellenberg longed to have a family of his own. But as the synagogue custodian, he is too poor for wishes and not foolish enough for dreams. Until the bold, beautiful Isabelle Lira presents him with an irresistible offer . . . if he ensures her favored suitors have no hidden loyalties to the Berabs, she will provide him with money for a new life. Yet the transaction provides surprising temptation, as Aaron and Isabelle find caring and passion in the last person they each expected. Only a future for them is impossible—for heiresses don’t marry orphans, and love only conquers in children’s tales. But if Isabelle can find the courage to trust her heart, she'll discover anything is possible, if only she says yes. ....

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    How to tame a wild rogue

    Long, Julie Anne (Romance author), author.

    He clawed his way up from the gutters of St. Giles to the top of a shadowy empire. Feared and fearsome, battered and brilliant, nothing shocks Lorcan St. Leger--not even the discovery of an aristocratic woman escaping out a window near the London docks on the eve of the storm of the decade. They find shelter at a boarding house called the Grand Palace on the Thames--only to find greater dangers await inside. Desperate, destitute, and jilted, Lady Daphne Worth knows the clock is ticking on her last chance to save herself and her family: an offer of a loveless marriage. But while the storm rages and roads flood, she and the rogue who rescued her must pose as husband and wife in order to share the only available suite. Crackling enmity gives way to incendiary desire--and certain heartbreak: Lorcan is everything she never dreamed she'd wanted, but he can never be what she needs. But risk is child's play to St. Leger. And if the stakes are a lifetime of loving and being loved by Daphne, he'll move any mountain, confront any old nemesis, to turn "never" into forever.....

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    The hunting season

    Johnson, Janice (Janice Kay), author.

    Surviving an avalanche...Has them in a terrorist’s crosshairs…Deep in the rugged Washington mountains, nature photographer Ava Brevick inadvertently takes a picture of a wanted terrorist. His men start an avalanche to kill her, but she escapes—and saves investigating detective Zach Reeves from icy death. As a snowstorm cuts them off, she and Zach challenge merciless terrain to warn authorities. But will trusting each other prove an even deadlier trap?....

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    Fighting the pull

    Ashley, Kristen, author.

    Hale Wheeler inherited billions from his father. He’s decided to take those resources and change the world for the better. He’s married to his mission, so he doesn’t have time for love. There’s more lurking behind this decision. He hasn’t faced the tragic loss of his father, or the bitterness of his parents’ divorce. He doesn’t intend to follow in his father’s footsteps, breaking a woman’s heart in a way it will never mend. So he vows he’ll never marry. But Hale is intrigued when he meets Elsa Cohen, the ambitious celebrity news journalist who has been reporting on his famous family. He warns her off, but she makes him a deal. She’ll pull back in exchange for an exclusive interview. Elsa Cohen is married to her career, but she wants love, marriage, children. She also wants the impossibly handsome, fiercely loyal, tenderhearted Hale Wheeler. They go head-to-head, both denying why there are fireworks every time they meet. But once they understand their undeniable attraction, Elsa can’t help but fall for the dynamic do-gooder. As for Hale, he knows he needs to fight the pull of the beautiful, bold, loving Elsa Cohen, because breaking her would crush him.....

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    Ozarks witness protection

    Wells, Maggie (Erotic romance writer), author.

    The only thing between her and a murderer...Is the special agent assigned to keep her safe...Targeted by her husband’s killer, injured and pregnant widow Kayla Powers needs a protection plan—pronto. But 24/7 bodyguard detail challenges Special Agent Ryan Hastings’s security skills…and professional boundaries. The determined heiress will do anything to neutralize the threat to her unborn child, even offer herself as bait. But will her plan to step out of the shadows jeopardize Ryan’s mission and his heart?....

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    Wyoming cowboy undercover

    Rushdan, Juno, author.

    He must infiltrate a dangerous cult…To prevent an impending disaster. Rocco Sharp fears he’s placed Mercy McCoy in peril. The undercover agent has convinced the cult leader’s daughter to get him into the Shining Light’s compound. With five days to thwart a violent plot, Rocco’s feelings for Mercy put his assignment at risk. As the connection between them deepens, Rocco knows he’ll have to be the one to tell Mercy who he really is. Otherwise, they’ll never have a chance beyond this critical mission.....

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