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    How to be Remy Cameron : a novel

    Winters, Julian, author.

    Everyone on campus knows Remy Cameron: he's the out-and-proud, super-likable guy who friends, faculty, and fellow students alike admire for his cheerful confidence. Under pressure to write an A+ essay defining who he is and who he wants to be, Remy embark....

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    Crier's war

    Varela, Nina, author.

    In the aftermath of a war where Automae took over the kingdom of Rabu and bent humanity to their will, Ayla takes a job as a servant in the house of the sovereign for one purpose: to get revenge for her family's death by killing his daughter. Lady Crier, ....

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    Harbor for the nightingale

    Baldwin, Kathleen, author.

    It's 1814. In this alternative history, Napoleon has forced Europe to its knees, and now he plots to seize control of Britain. With her friends' lives in deadly peril, Maya Barrington, one of Miss Stranje's unusual girls, must serve as a double agent. To ....

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    Cracking the bell

    Herbach, Geoff, author.

    Isaiah loves football. In fact, football saved Isaiah's life, giving him structure and discipline after his sister's death tore his family apart. But when Isaiah gets knocked out cold on the field, he learns there's a lot more to lose than football. While....

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    The echo room

    Peevyhouse, Parker, author.

    Rett Ward knows how to hide. He's had six years of practice at Walling Home, the state-run boarding school where he learned how to keep his head down to survive. But when Rett wakes up locked in a small depot with no memory of how he got there, he can't h....

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    Our wayward fate

    Chao, Gloria, 1986- author.

    Seventeen-year-old Ali Chu knows that as the only Asian person at her school in middle-of-nowhere Indiana, she must be bland as white toast to survive. This means swapping her congee lunch for PB&Js, ignoring the clueless racism from her classmates and te....

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    Meyer, Marissa, author.

    All's fair in love and anarchy... Supernova, the epic conclusion to New York Times bestselling author Marissa Meyer's thrilling Renegades Trilogy finds Nova and Adrian struggling to keep their secret identities concealed while the battle rages on between ....

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    Out of Salem

    Schrieve, Hal, author.

    Genderqueer fourteen-year-old Z Chilworth has to adjust quickly to their new status as a zombie after waking from death from a car crash that killed their parents and sisters. Always a talented witch, Z now can barely perform magic and is rapidly decaying....

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    The XY

    Bergin, Virginia, author.

    In River's world, XYs are a relic of the past, along with things like war and violence. Thanks to the Global Agreements, River's life is simple, safe, and peaceful...until she comes across a body in the road one day. A body that is definitely male, defini....

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    She's the worst

    Spieller, Lauren, author.

    Told in two voices, sisters April, age sixteen, and Jenn, eighteen, have twenty-four hours to fulfill a childhood pact and deal with a secret that threatens to tear them apart.....

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    The Fowl twins

    Colfer, Eoin, author.

    One week after their eleventh birthday, the Fowl twins--scientist Myles, and Beckett, the force of nature--are left in the care of house security (NANNI) for a single night. In that time they befriend a troll who has clawed his way through the earth's cru....

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    Chapman, Elsie, author.

    Aza Wu knows that casting magic can kill--it killed her sister--but she needs money desperately to pay off Saint Willow, who controls her sector of Lotusland, and save the family teahouse, so she secretly enters an underground casting tournament--and find....

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    The never tilting world

    Chupeco, Rin, author.

    Generations of twin goddesses have long ruled Aeon?until one sister's betrayal split their world in two. A Great Abyss now divides two realms: one cloaked in eternal night, the other scorched beneath an ever-burning sun. While one sister rules the frozen ....

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    The silence between us

    Gervais, Alison, author.

    After moving to Colorado, deaf seventeen-year-old Maya is forced to attend a hearing school, where she must navigate a new life and prove that her lack of hearing will not stop her from pursuing her dreams. Includes an interview with the author.....

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    Wolf's bane

    Armstrong, Kelley, author.

    16-year-old twin werewolves Kate and Logan Danvers must deal with local curses and legends while attending a supernatural youth leadership conference in West Virginia.....

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